Social media best practices for Public Sector success


Of constituents rarely interact with government services through digital channels.1

The public sector lags behind the private sector

People are far less satisfied by the digital experience they receive from the public sector compared to other online interactions. The average satisfaction level with online government services is 62% vs. 81% for online private services.2

Satisfaction levels of online public services vary by sector:3

Filing taxes

Transportation-related services

Policing or law enforcement services


Public housing

A majority prefer digital public sector interactions over face-to-face

A majority of constituents prefer interacting digitally with federal, state or local government— primarily through websites.4 Some still prefer in-person interaction for local service.

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Like to interact with through a website:


Like to interact with in person:

Social media can help drive citizen engagement

Customer Satisfaction

Make citizens feel heard

Social media monitoring can give valuable feedback on what the community thinks about the services you offer.


Connect with the community

Social media provides opportunities to communicate in real-time and also build rapport by sharing the human side of the agency.

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Be responsive to citizen outreach

Automation can help support constituents after hours, while also meeting expectations for an instant response.

How technology can help

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Social engagement software can help you listen to and join relevant conversations as they’re happening.

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Chatbots can respond 24/7 to a wide variety of queries, reducing customer waiting times

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A cloud contact center helps unify the constituent experience by connecting social media, chatbots, email, phone and other customer touchpoints.

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