Quickly create an ad hoc mesh network off the grid. 

Verizon Mobile Mesh Connectivity

Solution brief

  • Introduction

  • Teams working where voice and data network infrastructure is unavailable can still communicate with each other using mesh network technology.

    Sustain tactical communications in virtually any location.
    Whether you’re a firefighter battling wildfires, a first responder serving in a crisis or a member of a utility or construction crew working remotely, you need to communicate and collaborate effectively and reliably.

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  • The solution

  • And while Verizon offers the largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, there are locations or situations where cellular or satellite network infrastructure is unavailable. So we’re offering a Mobile Mesh Connectivity solution that enables teams to communicate in off-grid conditions. The solution is manufactured and sold by our technology partner, goTenna. 

  • The Mobile Mesh Connectivity radio is a small, light and low-cost tactical device.

    • 2.8 ounces—the weight of a tennis ball
    • 5.3 x 1 x 0.7 inches—the size of a candy bar
    • Android® and iOS compatible
    • Mesh networking capable
    • Up to 5-watt UHF/VHF output for covering large areas
    • Rechargeable battery for up to 30 hours of use per charge (nine hours of continuous operation)
    • End-to-end encryption

    The radio can be purchased as:

    • A separate stand-alone unit
    • Part of the deployment kit, which includes 20 radios
Mobile Mesh Connectivity Solutions Brief | Verizon Solutions

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  • Enable text and GPS location sharing.

    The Verizon Mobile Mesh Connectivity solution allows teams to quickly create an ad hoc mesh network or tactical communications. It consists of lightweight, deployable radios that pair with smartphones using Bluetooth® technology. The ruggedized radios come with the native goTenna Pro® app and user-swappable external UHF and VHF antennas, to power 100% off-grid text and GPS location communications between users.

    Once the radio is paired with a smartphone, the user can securely track team locations, share map markings, and send and receive text messages from any location with others in the mesh network.

    The radio also provides:

    • End-to-end encryption to maintain privacy
    • Collaborative mapping with dynamic perimeter and line markings
    • Point sharing to communicate targets, friendlies, rally points, medevac and other graphical points of interest


    Enable communications quickly with the deployment kit.

    The Mobile Mesh Connectivity solution features a deployment kit for up to 20 radios. The kit is compact to enable easy storage and management of devices, frequencies and apps.

    The deployment kit:

    • Includes 20 tactical radios, as well as 20 UHF and 20 VHF user-swappable external antennas
    • Features a 7-inch touch-screen display, charging stations and battery
    • Comes in a compact, ruggedized case
    • Meets commercial airline and Federal Aviation Administration carry-on requirements and easily fits in overhead bins
    • Measures 19.20 x 15.20 x 7.30 inches
    • Weighs approximately 25 lbs
  • Why Verizon

  • We provide innovative technology solutions to help you communicate and collaborate when and where it matters most. Our mobility and networking expertise helps you reap the benefits of solutions from our technology partners like goTenna.

    Everything’s better on the best network.

    We offer America’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network. It’s the most awarded, too.

    Our network was rated #1 in overall network performance in the U.S. by RootMetrics—11 times in a row.1

    J.D. Power has given Verizon more awards than any other carrier for the highest wireless network quality performance in the U.S.—22 times in a row.2

    Learn more: 

    To find out more about how Mobile Mesh Connectivity can extend your tactical communications off the grid, contact your Verizon Wireless business specialist.

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1 Rankings based on the RootMetrics® U.S. National RootScore® Report: 2H 2018. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on four national mobile networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of Verizon. Visit www.rootmetrics.com for more details.

2 Verizon Wireless received the highest score by consumers in the J.D. Power 2017 (V1 & V2), 2018 (V1& V2) & 2019 (V1) U.S. Wireless Network Quality Performance Studies of customers’ satisfaction with their network performance with wireless carriers. Visit jdpower.com/awards

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