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Verizon Critical Asset Sensor

Solution brief

  • Introduction

    If you can collect the right data, your entire business could talk. Fields could let you know when they need to be watered, valuable materials could constantly report their location and complex tools could tell you when they need repairs. The Verizon Critical Asset Sensor can help bring this vision to life by combining an advanced Internet of Things (IoT) sensor with the connections and platform you need to begin gathering data today.

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  • The challenge

  • Simplify the Internet of Things

    Until now, few vendors have offered an easy way to begin gathering data. That leaves you to piece together a solution from device vendors, network providers and more. Verizon Critical Asset Sensor simplifies that process.

    We combine the multifunction sensor, network, security and data connections in one easy-to-use package. You get a device warranty and optimized connections on the Verizon CAT-M1 network. The device integrates with the Verizon ThingSpace IoT management platform, a secure, scalable and reliable platform to manage your sensors.

    Each device comes with a security certificate and is set up to transmit over our secure network, so you can always trust the data from your sensors. It’s also designed to work with Amazon Web Services,™ Salesforce.com® and more, so you can give that data a home.

    One simple price, from a single partner: all the IoT capabilities you need to start gathering data today.

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  • A multifunction device

    The hardware that comes with the Critical Asset Sensor is capable of measuring:

    • GPS


    • Ambient light

    • Acceleration


    • Temperature

    • Pressure


    • Sensors and intrinsically safe tablets

    • Tilt


    • Humidity

    • Aegex Technologies


    • Shock

    The sensor is slightly larger than a smartphone and supports low-power processing and CAT-M1 power-saving mode, potentially giving you years of battery life.

Go edge to enterprise with the right bundle of hardware, connectivity and platform.

  • Connectivity you can count on

    The single price not only gets you the sensor, it also buys the network service that connects that device. It includes the connection, access to the application programing interfaces (APIs) that will carry your data, firmware over the air so your device remains up to date, and network location APIs to keep track of your devices while reducing battery load. All on the network ranked number one nationwide by RootMetrics in overall network performance (10 times in a row).1

  • Security that builds in peace of mind

    Securing IoT devices means assigning each a security certificate so you always know you’re receiving data from a legitimate device. The Critical Asset Sensor comes with an integrated IoT security certificate. Access to your sensors for management is controlled through the secure ThingSpace portal.

  • ThingSpace, a leading IoT platform

    ThingSpace is the back end that keeps your IoT solution running. In addition to access controls and encryption that provide security, ThingSpace gives you:

    • Device management—Check your inventory of devices and group them for easier management
    • Device alarms – Set and manage alarms for your devices in the field • Event logs—Track issues or errors
    • Firmware management—Update your devices to keep them operating securely
    • Network diagnostics—Track the health of the network connecting your devices

    Most importantly, though, the ThingSpace platform is the conduit through which your data flows. It supports real-time data streams from your sensors. Where that data goes is up to you. ThingSpace offers cloud connectors so you can easily send that data to any of the major clouds. ThingSpace can scale along with your solution, whether you deploy one sensor or thousands.

  • The solution

  • How it works

    Getting started with the Verizon Critical Asset Sensor is as simple as discussing with your Verizon Wireless business specialist what your needs are. We’ll help you determine how many sensors you need. You’ll then receive a login for the ThingSpace Manage platform and can tell ThingSpace where you want it to send the sensor data. Once you receive your devices, you can deploy them in the field and use ThingSpace to configure how they’ll operate. Immediately upon setup, your sensors will begin sending data through ThingSpace to your cloud platform.

  • All the IoT capabilities you need to start gathering data today in one easy-touse bundle

  • Putting Critical Asset Sensor to work for you

    How you use the Critical Asset Sensor is up to you. Its variety of sensors and the flexibility of the ThingSpace platform mean the possibilities are almost endless. Here are just a few use cases to consider.

    • Predictive maintenance—Use the acceleration sensor to track movement of older elevators or other moving equipment and alert technicians of unusual behaviors before they lead to breakdowns
    • Usage-based insurance—Get alerts about basement moisture using the humidity sensor
    • Fleet management—Track your vehicles using the sensor’s GPS capabilities, so you know where every vehicle is at every moment 
    • Smart cities—Use the sensor inside water or sewer systems to detect pressure and keep abreast of conditions
    • Smart agriculture—Measure microclimates across fields using the temperature sensor
  • Bring your critical assets to life

    Whether you hope to collect data from products in transit or gather information from the manufacturing floor, the Verizon Critical Asset Sensor brings you closer to achieving your goals. By bundling together everything you need to begin gathering data, it makes it easy to get started with IoT and your business transformation.

    To learn more or get started with your IoT solution today, contact your Verizon Wireless business specialist or visit thingspace.verizon.com.

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