Equinix: Optimize your network transformation.

Rethink your digital transformation with network and application solutions from Verizon and Equinix. Extend your distributed network to the edge, and enhance connectivity and visibility in the cloud to achieve greater organizational success.

Rich digital experience without the lag time

Organizations can leverage innovative networking technologies and managed services to create secure exchanges with lower latency that connect users to the best application experiences enabled at the edge. 

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Digital infrastructure:

Transform legacy networks from a high latency, hub-and-spoke infrastructure to low-latency distributed architecture on an integrated service foundation that is reliable and scalable for dynamic applications.

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Digital ecosystem:

Upgrade with direct interconnections to cloud and business partners to digitally enable your business on a flexible and programmable network platform.

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Digital edge:

Enable the digital edge by migrating applications and data to secure facilities and to cloud providers for optimized access and user experiences for ecosystem partners and customers.

Verizon's Network Services platform

Our Network as a Service (Naas) framework for reliable and secure network connectivity helps you enable the network capabilities needed today with the flexibility and technology required for tomorrow.

Optimize your infrastructure

Consistent user experience

Improve performance by deploying applications at the digital edge.

Better insights

Enhance user and application experience with visibility across multiple clouds.

Experience and expertise

Design a solution that helps meet your specific needs with industry leaders.

Enhanced security

Connect privately to the cloud and bypass the shared public internet.

Scalable cloud connectivity

Leverage hybrid multicloud connectivity solutions for scalability and optimal application performance.  

A green supply chain

Move forward with a joint environmental, social and governance strategy focused on responsibility and sustainability.

Verizon and Equinix


of Fortune 500 companies served with Verizon technology solutions

500 K+

security, network and hosting devices under Verizon management


enterprise customers and public sector organizations throughout the world using Equinix


Equinix data centers in 60 major markets globally

What if you could respond faster?

Shifting to a more dynamic operating model comes with a range of challenges and opportunities. Organizations must dramatically transform their data infrastructure if they want to keep up. In this playbook, Verizon and Equinix explore how industries from retail, financial services and entertainment to healthcare, manufacturing and utilities are impacted by changing needs.

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Modernize your IT resources.

Organizations looking to better run today’s new services and apps should look into updating key components of their infrastructure. In this webinar, Verizon and Equinix offer their insights into the role your network plays in an effective digital transformation strategy and discuss how successful digital transformation can help meet your current needs and those in the future.

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Building a successful digital transformation strategy

Examine the critical role the network plays in digital transformation and learn more about the challenges and benefits of transformation.

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Our commitment to helping enterprises with their ESG solutions

By choosing technology partners that have adopted environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies and green solutions, today’s business leaders can meet their stakeholders’ expectations and move their businesses forward into a sustainable future. Equinix and Verizon have joined forces to harness the power of technology to innovate and create a more accessible, equitable and sustainable future.

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Let's get started.