Building an employee-first collaborative enterprise in the era of flexible work

Disruptive times, such as the current uncertain macro-economy, call for organizations to transform—their culture, brand, and how they work and connect both internally and externally. Workers have been equally disrupted, compelling many to re-evaluate their priorities and career choices.

For many, work no longer confines them to a specific place or a fixed schedule. Today’s dispersed workforces expect to have the flexibility to perform their work from the location, network, and device of their choosing. They encompass several work styles, ranging from tethered employees based in a single location to hybrid/remote workers who spend time between remote and dedicated locations to nomadic/mobile workers with roles that require them to operate on the move, often across multiple locations.

Organizational leaders need new strategies to attract and retain qualified talent as more workers pursue new job opportunities. In today’s fluid work environment, an organization must center on employee empowerment and customer engagement to achieve excellent financial performance, enhance brand reputation, and deliver customer value.

A strong digital foundation is a prerequisite for employee retention in the new era of flexible work. Advanced digital technologies underpin the agile, work-from-anywhere workplace and differentiate it from legacy workplace practices.

More specifically, cloud communications solutions are essential to digital foundations. Moving to the cloud enables leading-edge organizations to successfully manage hybrid work environments, increase productivity across diverse workforce demographics, and maintain effective contact with customers.

Modern cloud services platforms effectively support mobility and provide flexible application programing interfaces (APIs) that allow businesses, service providers, and third-party developers to tailor communications and collaboration solutions to specific use cases and IT environments.

Chapter 1:

Cloud Collaboration Empowers the Flexible Workforce

Chapter 2:

A Collaborative Work Environment Drives Employee Engagement

Chapter 3:

Mobile-first UCaaS Bolsters the Agile Enterprise

Chapter 4:

Automated Workflows Improve Employee Performance

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