Verizon 5G Edge 
with AWS Outposts

Use flexible, reliable AWS infrastructure and services from virtually any on-premises or edge location for a truly consistent hybrid experience.

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Lowest latency

Verizon Private 5G Network provides the connectivity and ultra-low latency access to the AWS compute and storage services needed to enable the latest applications.

Data residency

Keep data and applications on-site to help maintain data sovereignty while supporting local workloads and devices.

Proven infrastructure

Verizon 5G Edge with AWS Outposts enables your facility to experience reliable, secure, high-performance infrastructure—on premises—while connecting to services in your AWS Region.

Fully managed by Verizon

We help simplify and reduce the burden on IT by managing the entire infrastructure, allowing you to focus on your business.

Here’s how it works.

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On- & off-premises connectivity

Get a consistent experience on premises and in the cloud, and balance workloads as needed. We also provide options to securely connect to external corporate sites and public internet.


Co-located on premises with a Verizon Private 5G Network, AWS Outposts provides compute and storage capabilities for low-latency, local data processing and residency—to support emerging and innovative applications.

Verizon Private 5G Network

Our Private 5G Network provides high bandwidth along with the predictable, secure coverage needed to support new latency-sensitive applications and an ever-increasing volume of devices.


Data from a variety of devices is captured and transmitted to and from the MEC applications via a Private 5G Network.

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Find out how private MEC solutions can help you reduce latency, increase security and enable new applications.

Learn about 5G Edge

Learn about 5G Edge with private MEC

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Private MEC is an edge compute platform that can be deployed where a Private Wireless Network has been installed for coverage. This allows it to be implemented in almost any location as it is not reliant on public wireless coverage. It provides on-site compute and storage hardware in an “as a service” model. The close proximity of the wireless network and compute resources provide the low latency for those apps that require it.

It also provides enhanced security, since data can be stored locally on premises. Private MEC deployments are typically used for IoT solutions which rely on low network latency and real-time data processing, such as automated guided vehicles management, computer vision processing and predictive maintenance.

Verizon 5G Edge with AWS Outposts combines on-premises compute and storage hardware services to support a set of devices or sensors enabling applications through private/local network communication. By co-locating our network, compute and storage services, Verizon enables applications to run even closer to endpoints, greatly reducing latency and speeding end-to-end processing.

By making the 5G Edge with AWS Outposts platform available, we can help unlock new business and consumer use cases that were previously impossible due to technology limitations. 5G Edge with AWS Outposts, together with Private 5G Network, provides applications that utilize near real-time data with low latency and high throughput and can support a massive number of connected devices and simultaneous users.

Additionally, combining the capabilities of these two industry-leading brands into this solution improves our ability to provide customers with world-class experiences 
and services.

5G Edge with AWS Outposts is available anywhere in the U.S., as it’s not reliant on public network coverage. This is an on-premises solution made possible with a Private Wireless Network, which enables:

Seamless mobility
Get full operational visibility and data collection via authorized remote access throughout the campus and beyond.

Persistent connectivity
Receive consistent connectivity and persistent performance inside, outside and on campus.

Trust a private network with security built in, as well as 24/7 security monitoring to help protect against threats.

Focus on running your business, not managing your network.

There are many possible use cases for 5G Edge with AWS Outposts, where low latency, high bandwidth, data residency and enhanced security are important. Here are some of them:

Logistics quality
Computer vision and machine learning (ML) help ensure the accuracy of item picking.

Predictive maintenance
Data from IoT sensors and cameras combined with data analytics can improve machine utilization.

QA automation
Low-latency computer vision combined with ML catches production defects before they reach customers.

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs)
Monitor and direct plant-floor AGVs in near real time to help improve operational efficiency, enhance safety and reduce collisions.

Airport ground operations
Track, monitor and analyze activity around aircraft, and integrate ground and flight operations, fleet planning, passenger reservations and aircraft maintenance.

Critical infrastructure monitoring
Improve management, reduce inspection costs, monitor safety in near real time and manage the physical condition of assets.

5G Edge with AWS Outposts, a fully managed solution from Verizon, offers the same AWS infrastructure, APIs and tools to virtually any data center, co-location space or on-premises facility for a truly consistent hybrid experience.

With 5G Edge with AWS Outposts, you can support workloads that require low-latency access to on-premises systems, local data processing, data residency and migration of applications with local system interdependencies.