Software-defined Video Network reference architecture

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  • Software-defined video networking allows you to dynamically establish video for both contribution and distribution feeds. In a typical example, a contribution feed would be a video feed from a camera source and a distribution feed would be your final production feed that is sent to your consumer base (e.g., TV screen). With Verizon 5G Edge and AWS Wavelength, you have the capabilities to extend your video processing, ingestion and delivery workflow to the network edge. This can help you to realize the gains afforded by a cloud-based, software-defined architecture and the 5G-enabled wireless transport to complete a flexible and untethered set of workflows.

    To learn more about how Verizon delivers the power of 5G Edge to media and entertainment customers today, reach out to our solutions architect teamĀ here.

    Application and traffic flow overview

    1. Content source encodes video and sends to an ingress cluster, responsible for taking the video stream, encapsulating into an efficient protocol (e.g., SRT, Zixi, RIST) and passing channel to a distribution cluster in the Wavelength Zone

    2. Internet gateway receives video traffic and routes traffic to ingress broadcaster, hosted on G4-family EC2 instance in availability zone

    3. Ingress broadcaster forwards encapsulated traffic to a virtual distribution hub, also in an availability zone within parent region, responsible for facilitating the channelization of the video to distinct broadcaster cluster(s). Think of this as a pass-through broadcaster cluster

    4. The pass-through broadcaster cluster establishes a channel to the media gateway in Wavelength Zone, which functions as a distribution cluster

    5. From the media gateway, the traffic passes through the carrier gateway to the 5G network to deliver the video stream to 4G- and 5G-connected endpoints (e.g., smartphones, tablets, integrated receivers/decoders (IRDs), etc.)

  • Software Defined Video Network Reference Architecture