Scale bandwidth

Increases in remote and distributed employees result in higher network volume and application usage. Together, we can work to shift network capacity to enable network continuity, critical application performance and employee productivity in times of change.

Meet changing demands

As your business landscape changes and more employees work remotely, you need the right tools to ensure network continuity.

From increased capacity at data centers to backup connectivity for mission-critical applications, Verizon has network continuity and connectivity solutions that you can customize to suit your remote bandwidth needs so you can be prepared for just about anything.

That way, your employees can stay connected, communicate with customers, access the applications they need and stay productive.

Flexible connectivity 

High-performance, dedicated networks help companies with critical missions to deliver consistency across demanding applications required to maintain business continuity. 

  • Private IP

    As dynamic shifts in your business model occur, Verizon’s Private IP Dynamic Port service provides scalable capacity on an MLPS-based VPN service. This means you can virtually connect your locations on a secure network  infrastructure–and keep your critical applications up and running.

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  • Dedicated Internet Services

    With cloud-based applications and other critical services placing a high-demand on your network, Dedicated Internet Services delivers the performance you need–all with dedicated access to an expansive global IP network. That way, you can share information quickly and communicate reliably.  

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  • Wireless Private Network

    Gain control over your corporate network when you need it. From accessing critical cloud-based applications, to giving employees and their devices access to the resources they need, you can confidently work on-the-go while protecting your data.

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Securely manage your networks

When your business needs to enable virtual workers and get remote locations online quickly, our secure monitoring solutions allow you to virtually manage and extend security over your networks–all via the cloud.

  • Secure Cloud on smartphone

    Secure Cloud Interconnect

    Securely connect to our global ecosystem of leading Cloud Service Providers from your remote or corporate locations through our Private IP (PIP) network.

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  • Team looking at data graphs

    Business Process Application Monitoring

    Gain end-to-end visibility into the performance of your applications so you know whether or not you’re delivering the quality experiences that your customers expect.

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  • Service disruptions can hurt a company's bottom line and compromise an organization's mission. Let us keep you informed of the latest continuity products and resources.

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