Verizon is here for Veterans. And the VA.


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Verizon supports our Veterans.

Verizon is committed to helping the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs care for the men and women who’ve served our country.

Innovation enables VA offices and campuses to connect people, devices and buildings with smart technologies. With Verizon's innovations, the VA can improve safety and share real-time information to improve patient outcomes.

And our support for Veterans goes much further. From our #3 ranking in the Military Friendly® Company list for 2023, according to Military Friendly's website, to employing more than 8,000 reservists, guardsmen, and former service members, to partnering with Veterans organizations, Verizon will always be here for those who served. And those who serve them.  

Check out Verizon's employment opportunities for veterans.


2023 Military Friendly® Company

Recognized 5 years in a row for our dedication to the recruitment, retention and advancement of veterans and service members.


2023 5-Star Employer by Vets Indexes

Recognized for hiring, retaining, promoting and supporting our veterans.


Veterans employed

Over 8,000 reservists, guardsmen, and former service members are currently employed at Verizon.


2023 Military Friendly® Brand

Recognized for our best practices- investing in the military and veteran community.

The 5G-Enabled VA Medical Campus is here.

The VA, Verizon, Medivis and Microsoft have formed an innovative partnership to provide 5G-enabled holographic AR capabilities across several medical procedures to enhance veteran care. Learn how Verizon 5G is driving innovation for the VA.

Augmented reality view of a woman's spine made possible by 5G

Veterans get free unlimited access to VA Video Connect telehealth service.

Verizon customers who are Veterans have unlimited access to the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs VA Video Connect telehealth app without charge. Veterans can access the application anywhere across Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network, with zero data charges. 

We’re making smart healthcare
possible for Veterans.

Using Verizon network connections, veterans can access VA medical staff and resources from their own homes, in addition to VA healthcare centers and hospitals. Through our partnership with Iron Bow, Verizon connects nearly 20,000 vets to the VA Video Connect app, with zero data charges. Biometric devices connected by Verizon provide continuous in-home health monitoring, and our emergency device connections trigger rapid response when needed. Our reliability and vast coverage area help make it all possible.

Click below to explore how Verizon partners with leading healthcare companies to enable the latest telehealth services for veterans.

Digital rounding means more time for patient care

Verizon and GetWellNetwork work together to enable a top-of-the-line rounding solution for Veterans Affairs clients. GetWell Rounds+ offers engagement solutions that transform care delivery for our nation's heroes. It's an easy-to-use mobile tool for cloud-based digital rounding, reporting and real-time service recovery.

As such, VA providers are able to spend less time processing paper and more time caring for patients; obtain timely data in larger sample sizes than traditional collection processes; and harvest actionable data in real time. Ultimately, Veterans Health Administration leadership can then collect essential information for measuring service excellence, quality management and other Veteran experience priorities.

There are over 200 different data collection use cases within a medical center, including:

  • WeCare patient and employee rounding
  • Nurse leader rounding
  • Leadership rounding
  • Joint Commission prep (e.g., safety/EOC audits)
  • Hospital-Acquired Infection audits (e.g., hand hygiene, CAUTI and CLABSI)
  • Fall prevention audits

In addition, there are an estimated 10-30 Verizon access points per medical center, where Verizon enables connectivity to ensure rounding can be done in an efficient and effective manner. By partnering with GetWellNetwork, Verizon is able to play a direct role in supporting and enabling Veterans' telehealth needs, whatever they may be.

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VA Video Connect tablets give Veterans direct access to their care providers from home.

“Leave No One Behind.” This is our nation’s soldiers’ mantra on the battlefield — Our veterans deserve that same dedication from American health systems. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is aiming to do just that.  Forty-six percent of veterans live in rural areas where travel to VA facilities or specialist can mean hundreds of miles per trip, not only does this cause physical distress on ailing veterans but can also be a financial hardship.

Iron Bow’s Patient Video Tablet Plus (PVT+) for veterans brings VA healthcare providers to veterans, allowing veterans to take their routine checkups and doctor appointments from the convenience of their own homes.  The solution enables biometric data pairing with the VA’s Video Connect application (VVC) to extend real-time data during video visits. This provides veterans access to healthcare services from a mobile device.  To date more than 16,000 devices have been distributed to veterans with VA’s Video Connect application and full data services provided by Verizon. 

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Remote health monitoring gives Veterans more independence and peace of mind.

Managing chronic conditions such as diabetes, chronic heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), depression or post-traumatic stress disorder can be complex and inconvenient. For some Veterans, conditions like these make independent living difficult.

HMS’ home telehealth solution for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs—featuring strategic partners Verizon and AMC Health
—empowers Veterans to take a more active role that helps manage their health and improve the quality of their lives, all from the comfort of their own homes.

New, easy-to-use devices enabled by Bluetooth technology use home phone lines or cellular connectivity and a sophisticated analytics engine that alerts a Veterans’ Care Coordinator to emerging health issues or concerning trends. This ensures prioritized outreach before small clinical issues become serious problems. Secure connectivity makes it possible to transmit condition-specific information and vital signs (weight, blood pressure, glucose) to VA from home. Using telehealth, Veterans have the opportunity to bolster their independence and get convenient access to health care while addressing resource and financial obstacles.

VA studies have demonstrated the clinical benefits, cost savings, and Veteran and provider satisfaction with Home Telehealth. Together with VA Care Coordinators, HMS helps provide the right treatment in the right place, at the right time.

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Staying connected to our veterans.

Philips Respironics, a market leader in CPAP technology for over 30 years, built DreamStation, our most rigorously researched and tested sleep apnea therapy system, to provide unique comfort and compliance features that help veterans adapt to their sleep apnea therapy.

DreamStation was designed to effectively and efficiently coordinate OSA patient treatment across care teams. DreamStation uses Verizon cellular modem technology, allowing physicians and clinicians to monitor their patients’ progress from the critical first 90 days of therapy all the way through long-term adherence. Staying connected to patients is vital to their overall success.

DreamStation has a five-year warranty available on all our DreamStation sleep therapy products when purchased through First Nation Group, FSS, ECAT, MSPV and other authorized procurement channels.

There’s always a way to make life better.

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Serving Veterans

Through Verizon’s veterans hiring and discount programs, our work with the Wounded Warriors Project and other veteran focused non-profits, we support veterans and their families each and every day.

Verizon honored as #3 Military Friendly® Company

Military Friendly® has named Verizon its #3 Company for 2023 for our commitment to the military community, service members and veterans across all aspects of our business.

Two veterans smiling, greeting each other and looking in each other's eyes.

Photo courtesy: Navy Petty Officer 2nd Class James K. Lee

Airborne soldier holding and having a moment with his daughter.

Photo courtesy: Army Spc. Robert Vicens

Hiring the best.

More than 8,000 veterans contribute their skills across our entire business. We’re proud to work alongside them each day―and fortunate to benefit from their outstanding skills, discipline and experience.

The next mission.

We’ll help veterans find a career and offer support for their families as they transition to civilian life.

Dedicated Military Recruitment team.
Verizon has dedicated military recruiters who work with veterans and their spouses.

Employee Resource Group.
VALOR (Veterans and Advocates Leading the Organization Responsibly) provides ongoing support, recognition and development of veteran employees from the moment they are hired.

Military Leave Policy.
We allow our service members to serve if called to active duty. And we bridge the gap between military pay and Verizon pay to ensure their family members are cared for.

Discounts to those who have served.

Verizon is pleased to offer exclusive wireless discounts for:
Military, cadets, veterans, military and veteran business owners and their families.

A group of veterans sitting down and being honored.

Photo courtesy: U.S. Department of Defense

Partnerships with veterans organizations nationwide.

Putting our military first is a team effort. That’s why we’ve joined forces with these amazing organizations and more.

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