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ECF Program : Applications due 8/13

  • The Emergency Connectivity Fund can help you provide more digital resources for students.


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Secure, effective distance learning tools for uninterrupted education

For students around the country, classroom learning has become distance learning. Despite the uncertainty around closed schools, teachers can still provide some continuity for their students. With Verizon’s reliable, secure network, school administrators can give teachers the connectivity and collaboration tools to help them connect with students, parents and colleagues.

  • Reliable connections, applications and services

  • Educators provide essential services to a variety of learners. Give teachers better tools to collaborate, educate and succeed.

  • Enable collaboration

    Effective distance learning is taking place, and it’s being powered by collaboration and connectivity considerations. 

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  • Remain engaged

    Education continuity tools help keep students connected—and teachers communicating with parents—with hybrid learning.

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  • Stay focused on higher education

    Colleges and universities can carry on with the business of education. Continuity tools help shift from onsite to offsite learning, and communication services help administrators relay vital information to students as needed.

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Distance Learning solutions

Learn about the Verizon products and services that support Distance Learning.

  • Get tools to help close the digital divide.

  • Act now, applications for the Emergency Connectivity Fund for eligible schools and libraries must be submitted by Aug 13.

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  • Digital technologies are opening new learning opportunities in and out of the classroom, helping schools and libraries to better connect with students and library patrons for more inclusive learning experiences.

    That’s why the federal government has provided new funding to invest in critical technology through the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF).

    Eligible schools and libraries could receive reimbursements from the ECF program— up to $400 on Chromebooks® and tablets, and up to $250 on mobile hotspots.

    How to get started

    1. You must submit your application by August 13, 2021
    2. Shop Verizon devices
    3. Contact us for a quote
    4. Upload your quote with your 471 application
    5. Wait for FCDL notification
  • * Funding under the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) program subject to customer eligibility and funding availability as determined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Government customers subject to the terms and conditions of their Verizon Wireless government contracts.

  • Safeguard your organizations.


    Secure Cloud Gateway provides secure internet access across devices from almost any location to help protect agencies and schools against zero-day attacks, botnets, ransomware, malware and more. Plus, it supports Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) compliance efforts while also helping you control costs.


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  • Digital Transformation in a New Age series

  • k12 girl on laptop at home xsm
  • Making hybrid learning inclusive

    Held on April 14, 2021

    In this webinar, host Albert Shen of Verizon and speakers Dr. Lisa Aasheim of Portland Community College, Dr. Carissa Moffat Miller of the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) and Mark Mitsui of Portland Community College discuss how to adjust hybrid learning models to support digital inclusion for all students. 

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  • Digital Transformation comes to Education series

  • alan cox xsm
  • Impact of the virtual classroom (K-12)

    Held on August 27, 2020

    Education may be the last sector of the economy to return to normal. From a safety perspective, it has both high risk and low economic value for the population. The industry will be under pressure to transform to meet demand, provide sustainable programs and compete in the new normal.

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  • Archived events

  • tyler cowen xsm

    Crunch time for higher ed

    Alan Cox and Tyler Cowen

    Held on August 27, 2020

    Watch Alan Cox, Executive Vice President of e.Republic, along with speaker Tyler Cowen, professor at George Mason University, discuss the new economic challenges facing higher ed in 2020, and what leadership can do to navigate a rapidly evolving environment.

  • cityscape xsm

    Open for business: How cities are making it happen


    Held on June 10, 2020

    Hear Cityfi, Verizon and a round-table of experts as they highlight insights, experiences and best practices gained from COVID-19 recovery and resilience initiatives in cities across the country. 

  • dr joshua kim

    Blended Learning Becomes a Core Competency

    Dr. Joshua Kim and Dr. Edward Maloney

    Held on June 24, 2020

    Hear the conversation between host Dustin Haisler, from eRepublic, and the authors of Learning Innovation and the Future of Higher Education, Dr. Joshua Kim (above) and Dr. Edward Maloney.


  • dustin haisler erepublic

    Understanding the CARES Act for education

    Dustin Haisler and Joe Morris, eRepublic

    Held on June 10, 2020

    Hear renowned education experts Dustin Haisler (above) and Joe Morris discuss the impact of the CARES Act funding and the future of education.


New & noteworthy

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    • Maintain your portal instance
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    When you choose Verizon MDM, you get an experience that adds flexibility, simplicity and power to your business automation. We are innovators committed to giving you an intuitive MDM experience with unique features only available through the Verizon network.

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