5G innovations 
for Public Safety

Help give first responders on the front lines the speed, coverage and security they can count on in critical situations.

Benefits of 5G

Gain the flexibility and control you need to prioritize critical communications, and help ensure seamless connectivity for first responders in the field.

Enhanced situational awareness

Help give first responders effective, near real-time information when and where they need it, with 5G-enabled cameras and sensors.

Improved response times

Quickly gather and relay important information to officials and emergency teams, with aerial views provided by fleets of 5G-enabled drones.

Immersive training simulations

Support first responders with 5G-enabled augmented reality (AR) training simulations for a faster, more cost-effective approach to training.

Assess your agency's digital transformation.

Use our easy assessment tool to gain insights into your organization’s stage of digital transformation—and create an action plan.¹

More about our 5G network

Incorporate new technologies and connect wherever your mission takes you.
On America’s most reliable 5G network.²

Massive fiber infrastructure

Streaming high-quality videos to help enhance situational awareness requires support from a 5G Ultra Wideband fiber infrastructure.

Expanded C-band spectrum

Millimeter-wave and C-band spectrum delivers the transformative performance and expanded coverage of 5G Ultra Wideband, helping first responders share mission‑critical information quickly and effectively.

Small-cell deployment

Our relationships with large and small municipalities have helped us expand our small-cell deployment, to ensure reliable connectivity in critical situations.

Mobile edge computing

Mobile edge computing (MEC) delivers access to the tools, power and locations needed to deploy and quickly scale public safety operations.

Case studies

Advance and evolve your communities for the next generation with the latest insights in Public Safety.

Smart driving

Take advantage of 5G-connected cellular technology to enhance situational awareness in communities, helping drivers and pedestrians stay safe on the roads.

Managed venues

Learn how Tampa Bay collaborates with public safety and uses advanced 5G security technology to keep fans safe while they stay focused on enjoying their experiences.

Featured solutions

Keeping first responders safe with Verizon Frontline

Learn how to improve situational awareness and prepare for any situation with 5G bandwidths, built to support Public Safety teams.

Verizon Frontline Innovation Program

Join the first-of-its-kind innovation incubator dedicated to creating 5G-enabled solutions for first responders on the front lines and those supporting them.


White paper
What does Verizon 5G mean for public safety?

Discover Verizon 5G connectivity solutions tailored for first responders and public safety. Explore reliable network enhancements, low latency 5G Ultra Wideband, and mobile solutions with Verizon Frontline.

Success story
Enabling customized networks

Learn about the Arizona Department of Transportation’s pilot project to find better traffic safety solutions.

Enhancing officer safety

To be at their most effective, officers need cutting-edge tools and training to be both effective and safe.

Solution brief
Leveraging Verizon 5G internet

Explore how our wireless business internet delivers an award-winning mix of reliability, value and service.

Transforming emergency care

See how 5G-connected ambulances and IoT, VR and AR can help transform remote emergency care.

Powering AI and IoT with 5G

Learn how using artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), powered by 5G, can help automate and transform operations.

Benefiting from network slicing

Network slicing is a powerful tool that could offer customizable 5G services for first responders.


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