Verizon Frontline Innovation Program

Join the first-of-its-kind innovation incubator dedicated to creating 5G-enabled solutions for first responders on the front lines and those supporting them.

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The future is in your hands.

Help design and build response-ready solutions that can improve crisis response preparedness across four categories.


Enhancing first responders’ ability to prepare for any emergency


Improving how to manage and execute during an emergency event


Strengthening the ways communities recover from incidents


Working to prevent future incidents from happening or minimizing the impacts

First responders strategizing in front of a Satellite Pico-cell on Trailer vehicle (SPOT).

See innovation in action.

  • Meet THOR.

    When disaster strikes, Verizon’s Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response (THOR) vehicle is ready with a range of Verizon Frontline technology.

    Step inside


Mobile Network as a Service

Verizon’s mobile network on wheels brings internet and cellular communications to remote and isolated areas during an emergency.

Network slicing

Allocated bandwidth to public safety agencies in an area with dedicated network resources. This helps to ensure emergency response channels are kept clear.

Situational awareness

With multiple cameras and sensors, first responders and military personnel can provide actionable data for complex decision-making in near real time.

Tethered drone

THOR’s drone flies up to 300 feet into the air, providing a clearer view of what’s happening on the ground during an emergency—automatically tracking personnel with AI camera software. 

THOR’s hammer

A 30-foot trailer with dual-core network capabilities, the hammer enables apps that require near real-time responsive technologies. Enterprises can customize a larger variety of components within the trailer for their emergency response needs.

Private 5G MEC model and Ultra Wideband network / edge computing

Our 5G Ultra Wideband provides the best, most resilient wireless connection with 
multi-access edge computing (MEC), helping to keep teams connected—even in the harshest conditions.

Mobile Utility Technology Transport vehicle (MUTT)

Mobile Utility Technology Transport (MUTT)

Serves as a mobile, dedicated private network to provide the front lines with secure, reliable mission-critical communications.

Verizon Frontline RRCUs ready to deploy. (Rapid Response Connectivity Unit)

Rapid Response 
Connectivity Unit (RRCU)

Acts as a mini-satellite, this provides connectivity to specific areas while being able to secure Wi-Fi and cellular communications.

Mobile Connectivity Agile Vehicle (MCAV) powered by CAKE electric bikes.

Mobile Connected Agile Vehicle (MCAV)

Maneuver anywhere with an electric bike that allows you to create a cellular network in areas a 4-wheeled vehicle can’t get to. 

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collective purpose.

Share your ideas to help evolve the future of public safety—with speed, coverage and the transformative power of Verizon 5G.

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