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  • Overview

  • In addition to its long-standing and successful wireless program with the State of Georgia, Verizon now also provides an assortment of traditional telecommunications, computing, and network products and services. This website is intended to provide information to current and prospective customers on contract details, product offerings, pricing, and  ordering guidance. These products and services are only available to State agencies, cities, counties, public school districts, and universities within the State of Georgia.

    To obtain additional information and to speak with a Verizon Business Services account representative, please call 1-800-327-1306 or e-mail us.

    Products and service offered under this contract are provided through Verizon Business Network Services LLC - d/b/a  Verizon Business Services.

    For information on Verizon Wireless' offerings in Georgia, please go to

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  • Georgia Technology Authority

    About GTA

    GTA is a state agency that manages the delivery of IT infrastructure services to Georgia's executive branch agencies, as well as managed network services to 1,200 state and local government entities. GTA also offers public entities access to standardized contracts with a pool of industry-leading IT providers.

    About GTA Direct

    The GTA Direct program provides a quick path to managed IT services from pre-qualified providers and makes those services available to Georgia agencies, local governments, colleges and universities, and boards of education statewide.

  • Voice and Data Solutions

  • Contract Number:

    98000-GTA Direct-CONTRACT-4666-VER


    Verizon point of contact:

    Gary Wood
    Client Partner Business Development-Public Sector

  • Hosted Contact Center Solutions

  • Contract Number:



    Verizon point of contact:
    Gary Wood
    Client Partner Business Development-Public Sector

  • How to Order:

    For information on setting up an account and placing orders, please contact:

    Gary Wood

    Administrative forms:

    Change Order Instructions:

    Please contact your account manager for change orders.

  • Learn about Verizon wireline solutions

  • Internet Dedicated Services

  • Internet Dedicated Services uses ultrafast, full-duplex connections to deliver scalable internet connectivity to power your organization operations and network applications.

    It can help you support high-bandwidth applications, easily share information and enable high-speed transactions. Burstable and tiered pricing options help you dial up bandwidth with demand.

    Read the fact sheet
  • Security

    Get a cloud-based security system, minimize business risk for distributed-denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks and reduce downtime.

  • Flexibility

    Scale speeds and bandwidth up or down as your needs change.

  • Reliability

    Prioritize critical applications with customizable quality of service.

  • VoIP

  • VoIP is a cloud-based technology that transports high-quality voice calls over the internet instead of a traditional phone network. From a user perspective, it is just like using a typical phone service. The difference is that the calls are routed through your internet network instead of through a circuit-switched telephone network.

    Because it’s so similar to traditional phone service, it’s easy for users to make the transition to VoIP services. Plus, since it’s all in the cloud, VoIP service provides access to advanced communications features that can help you improve productivity and performance.

    Read the guide
  • Cost

    VoIP is a cost-effective option because it lets you leverage the internet service you are already using.

  • Flexibility

    Because it’s cloud-based, VoIP can help you do more than just voice calls—you can also integrate video conferencing, visual voicemail, collaboration tools and more.

  • Reliability

    The right VoIP solution will help maintain business continuity by forwarding calls to a preset number in the event of a power outage.

  • Private IP

  • Private IP is a VPN service based on MultiProtocol Label Switching (MPLS)  that provides a simple network designed to grow with your organization and help you consolidate your applications into a single network infrastructure.

    More flexible internal networks help your organization automate and respond with agility to changing demands. Private IP helps give you dedicated, secure connectivity so you can deliver a better experience for customers, employees and partners.

    Read the fact sheet
  • Cost

    Our scalable billing structure helps you efficiently manage costs.

  • Connectivity

    Verizon offers a range of connectivity options tailored to organizations of all sizes in the public sector.

  • Security

    From risk assessments and compliance reviews to certifying new devices and setting up security policies, we’re experts when it comes to protecting networks.

  • Managed Wireless WAN

  • Managed Wireless LAN uses Wi-Fi to free your employees and guests from network cables and cords, letting them work virtually anywhere within your network’s radius.

    Wireless LAN uses Wi-Fi radio waves to easily authenticate contractors, partners and guests for different levels of network access. On the customer side, it delivers greater insights and analytics into behavior to help deliver a better, more personalized experience.

    Read the success story
  • Productivity

    With Managed Wireless LAN, the network follows the user, so you can let employees and partners collaborate and work virtually anywhere in your enterprise.

  • Cost

    Benefit from an enterprise-class wireless LAN without the costs of training staff and deploying and managing new technologies.

  • Efficiency

    Give your IT team the time and resources they need to focus on strategic plans.

  • Hosted Contact Center

  • Hosted Contact Center helps you easily scale, control costs, automate processes, make better decisions, enable remote work and give agents the tools to respond to the dynamic needs of customers, employees and citizens.

    Learn more

Also included:

  • Digital CX

    Engage customers with personalized and seamless experiences by blending human and artificial intelligence.

    See details
  • VoIP Inbound Anti-Fraud and Authentication

    Help reduce the risk of fraud and remove the need to force authentication of your end users.

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  • Webex Calling

  • Webex Calling (formerly Virtual Communications Express) gives you a unified cloud-based communications system with enterprise-level features. Delivered from the Verizon cloud, it can route voice calls over your existing broadband or Verizon’s internet and Private IP.

    Webex Calling helps you seamlessly transition to a modern communications system that scales. It’s customizable to your organization needs, so you can better connect with customers and increase employee efficiency.

    Read the fact sheet

Some of the many benefits of Webex Calling:

  • Simple transition

    Use Verizon’s IP Trunking and port your numbers to Webex Calling for an easy transition.

  • Self management

    Take advantage of around-the-clock online training, support, billing access and self service with our self management tool.

  • Mulitple devices

    Make and receive calls with your desktop phone or computer. Or, stay connected on mobile phones or tablets with our app.

  • Conferencing

  • Never has the world been more reliant on virtual collaboration. From audio conferences to  partner meetings to document collaboration, our high-quality audio, video and productivity tools help teams work together more securely and efficiently on devices of all kinds, from almost anywhere.

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  • Productivity

    Get everyone on the same page with tools like easy-to-use screen share, whiteboard and smart meeting technology.

  • Convenience

    Join meetings using a supported browser without the need to download or install an app,  or use one-click scheduling to add conferencing to calendar invites.

  • Flexibility

    With cloud recording and streaming, you can record video, audio and similar content to share with others after the meeting.

  • Cable & Wiring

  • Your Structured Cabling Infrastructure is the backbone of your network and has the longest life cycle of any network component. When planning for your structured cabling system, consider a universal platform capable of supporting both current and future applications with minimal upgrades.

    Ultimately Verizon will save your business both time and money. Structured Cabling designed by Verizon will handle all  your telecommunications needs including: voice, high-speed data and video, Internet, and VoIP.

  • Quality

    Verizon is a strong proponent of quality installations. Verizon designs and builds to the current codes and EIA/TIA standards, ensuring that you receive the best installation that fits within your budget.

  • Convenience

    Verizon can be your single source to go to for quality products, quality installations, and competitive pricing. Verizon will integrate as much as you desire into one project, with you the customer, having to deal with one entity.

  • Warranty

    Verizon provides a one year warranty on all installations, and having relationships with many manufacturers can supply extended manufacturers warranties.

  • Webinar

    Transforming Georgia through modern technologies

    Held on October 28, 2021


    Verizon experts Donald Greco and Sunil Rajan discussed how connectivity, cloud adoption and technology modernization will empower government agencies to transform the constituent experience and directly impact the state’s priorities. They also shared how agencies can leverage the GTA Direct Wireline contract to streamline procurement.

    Watch webinar >

  • For more information, please contact us.

  • We have the experience and expertise to help Georgia agencies, local governments, colleges and universities, and boards of education statewide take on their greatest challenges.