Telehealth Services

Deliver critical care while protecting healthcare providers.

Telehealth services have never been more essential than now. Healthcare teams need to be able to treat their patients from a distance, and securely collaborate with colleagues in real-time. That’s why having a reliable network—and the right technology partner—is vital. Verizon can help you deliver reliable and secure telehealth services and high-quality care.


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  • Introducing
    BlueJeans Telehealth

    Streamline your virtual care with an integrated solution designed specifically for telehealth.

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Navigating the FCC process

See if your healthcare organization is eligible to participate in the COVID-19 Telehealth Program—and how to expedite your application for Federal Communications Commission funding.

Connect from a distance

Explore these resources we’ve put together to help you deliver reliable and secure telehealth care from virtually anywhere.

  • Using telemedicine to protect healthcare workers

    Telehealth services are more essential than ever today—and will be tomorrow, too. Here’s how to embrace what that means from a technology standpoint and prepare for the future.

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  • Bringing healthcare into veterans’ homes

    From monitoring biometric devices to video conferencing, find out how you can expand care for veterans beyond the traditional office visit with the latest telehealth services.


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  • Simplifying Electronic Visit Verification

    With the Electronic Vist Verification (EVV) deadline come and gone, and demand for telemedicine higher than ever before, it’s crucial to have the right technologies in place.

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