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    • eao security marquee dbir 2022
    • 2022 Data Breach Investigation Report   

      Gain vital insights into security strategies and how to minimize vulnerability to cyber attacks. Read our in-depth analysis of 23,896 incidents from organizations around the world.

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    • 2022 Payment Security Report
    • 2022 Payment
      Security Report

      Learn best practices for simplifying and improving your payment data security.  Navigate the changing requirements introduced by PCI DSS v4.0—with goals and models to help you meet compliance and improve your risk profile.

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    • 2022 Mobile Security Index Report
    • 2022 Mobile
      Security Index

      Gain critical mobile security insights from our in-depth survey and analysis of 632 mobile security professionals around the world—to help protect your business from today’s mobile security threats.

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2023 Security Innovation Showcase

Listen to Verizon experts discuss the latest security trends and technologies, and learn how  to 
protect your organization against cyber incidents. View session details below.

Transform Your Security with Zero
Trust Protection.

Get insights into zero trust, the benefits of zero-trust architecture and how Verizon Zero Trust Dynamic Access can help you develop a zero-trust plan.

A Standard Approach to Custom SOC

Discover a flexible new Verizon service that standardizes custom security operations center (SOC) processes to help reduce strain on internal resources and enable greater threat intelligence and incident response.

Securing the Convergence
of IT and OT


Learn how to manage the risks of operational technology (OT) environments, the changing threat landscape and how Verizon’s Operational Technology and Controls System (OTACS) Assessment can help protect your infrastructure.

Mobile Device Management
and Security


Hear how to develop an effective mobile device security policy that can help protect against threats, while making it easy for employees to follow and enhancing the customer experience.

security webinars

Explore our library of on-demand webinars, including cybersecurity
highlights from the Mobile Security Index, Data Breach Investigations
Report and more.

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Verizon is named a leader by 2022 Omdia Universe for Global IT Security Services.

Verizon is recognized as a leader in the latest Omdia Universe Global IT Security Services Universe Report. Market Leaders offer the most comprehensive, well-integrated, end-to-end cybersecurity solutions available globally. Leaders also have above-average customer experience scores.

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    • Improve security controls and reduce costs with corporate-liable devices

      Frost & Sullivan explores the costs, benefits and security implications of using corporate-liable devices to help you protect your organization.

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    • Trap threats with cybersecurity deception technology.

      Deception tools can proactively trap threats to boost your detection and response. Find out how recent advances may be unlocking deception’s potential.

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    • A CISO’s guide to selecting a managed detection and response partner

      Learn about the essential components of a managed detection and response (MDR) service, as well as the criteria you should be looking for in a service partner.

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