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Verizon Cloud


Keep your digital lives connected, even when real life has you on the go. Sync and save your important contacts, photos, videos, music, documents, call logs and even text messages with Verizon Cloud's secure storage.

Verizon Cloud service includes the use of the following three applications:

▪       Most Android™ smartphones & tablets / iOS devices (including iPhone® and iPad®)

▪       The Verizon Cloud desktop application for your computer or laptop

▪       My Verizon on a computer (Windows®, Mac® or Linux®) with an Internet connection

Desktop Application: Software downloaded to your computer or laptop. Once installed, you can then select which files you would like to back up to your secure online cloud storage account. You are then free to schedule the automatic backup of selected files and folders. Backup files and folders can also be restored at anytime. The backup software can be downloaded from the My Verizon, My Services section of your account to multiple computers.

Website Application: You can manually select and upload files or folders to your online cloud storage account from any computer with an internet connection. This allows you easy access and management of your content while away from your home. Once files and folders are uploaded to the cloud, you can access, organize and even stream via any web browser.

Mobile App: Allows you to access, stream and share stored files in the cloud from your supported smartphone or tablet. Set up secure automatic backups of pictures and videos and manually backup music and other files directly from your Smartphone or tablet. Even back up your contacts, call logs and text messages. Once files are uploaded you can easily stream music and videos from your secure cloud account and share content with others.