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Prepaid Plans - Support Overview

Learn about your prepaid plan, which gives you access to the Verizon networks with no long term contract, activation fee or credit check. You can also find help managing your prepaid account and optional features.

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About prepaid

Understand and monitor prepaid data usage and account information. Learn how to change your plan, add data and keep track of your account balance.
Learn about how network upgrades apply to older prepaid plans that include pay per use. Most prepaid accounts aren't affected by this upgrade.
Learn about Prepaid Family Accounts, which let you have more than one line on your prepaid account. Find answers to common questions about billing, payments and more.
Get answers on how to manage payments for Verizon's prepaid plans. Learn about monthly expiration dates & how to use a refill card. Set up auto pay for prepaid.
Learn about the latest prepaid deals and special promotions. Connect without an annual contract. Pay in advance for a monthly plan that works best for you.
Learn how you can temporarily suspend service on a prepaid device that has been lost or stolen, to prevent unauthorized usage or charges to your account.
Learn about prepaid plans with no long term contracts or credit checks. Get help selecting the best prepaid monthly data plan for your smartphone, tablet or jetpack.

International services

The flexible, affordable way to use your prepaid phone to call other countries with no hidden fees.
Prepaid TravelPass lets you use your prepaid domestic talk, text and data allowances while traveling to other countries for a low daily rate.
Traveling outside the US and want to know more about using your prepaid device? Learn the essentials, set up your device and see how much you can expect pay.