Contact center network

To drive better customer experiences (CX), you need a reliable network to power your CX technologies.

  • Leverage the network for better customer experiences.

  • Dynamically integrate information from your network and various other sources to help you provide seamless personalized customer experiences. Combining our technology and your knowledge store can help you meet your technical, operational and financial requirements. It can also help you get inbound transactions to the right resources to enable more first-resolution interactions.

  • IP Contact Center

  • Enhance your customer experiences with our comprehensive portfolio of inbound interaction services, which includes VoIP Inbound, IP Interactive Voice Response and the usage-based features you need, as well as network management and reporting to help manage your business.

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  • Cost-efficient

    Get the contact center features you need and enable the use of technologies that help control costs.

  • Control call routing.

    Shorten call handling times, automate traffic for load balancing and direct calls to other locations.

  • Toll Free & Inbound Services

  • Make it easy for your business contacts and customers to reach you at no cost to them, while using our intelligent network to help callers get to the right resource on the first try.

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  • Smart routing

    Route incoming calls based on specific business needs with options that can help you maximize revenue.

  • Competitive advantage

    Enhance customer service with improved performance, staff optimization, expanded reach and more.

  • Network Based IVR

  • Help improve contact center productivity and customer interactions by using our self-service Network Based IVR. 

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  • Single contact center appearance

    Make your different contact centers work together as one integrated system.

  • Automated attendant

    Route callers to the right resource based on their inputs and other data.

  • Voice Call Back and Voice Call Back – Cloud

  • These queue-management solutions can improve customer experiences and reduce hold time by giving callers the ability to save their place in line without waiting for an available agent. And the cloud-based service lets you go live in days.

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  • Better experiences

    Improve overall customer experience and boost brand loyalty.

  • Increased productivity

    Increase contact center productivity, and with our cloud service, minimize investment and update expenses

  • VoIP Inbound Local Origination

  • Maintain an image of a local presence by allowing your outsourced and branch locations to use local telephone numbers, while providing those calls the same capabilities of intelligent routing, call treatment and call management.

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  • Cost-effective

    Benefit from a less expensive alternative to toll-free calling and remote call forwarding.

  • Consistent caller experience

    Handle and route calls the same as toll-free calls.

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