VoIP Inbound
Local Origination

Handle and route local numbers just like toll-free ones.

Deliver a consistent caller experience to your local branches.

VoIP Inbound Local Origination allows enterprises with branch-like locations to retain new and existing local telephone numbers and maintain an image of local presence even when they are virtual and/or outsourced from the local branch area.

Calls made to local telephone numbers are enabled with the same capabilities of intelligent call routing, call treatment and call management typically used to connect Toll Free calls to contact centers.  This provides a consistent caller experience to US callers when dialing a local number and can offer cost efficiencies over toll free and call forwarding services. 

What is VoIP Inbound Local Origination?

VoIP Inbound Local Origination (VILO) service delivers a consistent caller experience across the customer's U.S. locations and provides centralized call management within Toll Free Network Manager for all of their call center telephone numbers (i.e., Toll Free and Local).  All traffic can be centrally managed and has access to all advanced routing features including IVR functionality.

How does VoIP Inbound Local Origination work?

The caller dials a "local number" which goes through the public switched telephone network and is captured in the Verizon network and receives the call treatment the customer has selected for their application (just like other inbound calling types; i.e., U.S. toll free and International Toll Free.  Local Origination is available for TDM-originated (PSTN) and IP-originated (VoIP) calls so U.S. calling can receive the same calling experience.

Features & benefits

In addition to appearing to have a local presence/telephone number all calls   through VILO as well as all inbound traffic can managed centrally through online tools.  You can establish an answering condition which makes it appear as if the contact center representative were in the local calling area of the actual caller.

Utilizing VILO provides:

  • Consistent Caller Experience: Offers the same call treatment selected for your application (just like other inbound calling types; i.e., U.S. toll free and International Toll Free.
  • Customizable Feature Options: Enterprises are in control of the call path and same routing features as toll free services including network IVR for self-service and then to the next appropriate destination based on caller input and/or pre-determined routing instructions (i.e., busy/no answer; time-of-day/day-of-week, etc.). 
  • Cloud Based-options: Layered into the Interactive Voice Response feature with speech recognition systems calls can be customized with local information for the ultimate call handling
  • Cost Efficiencies: Best yet, the service is an extremely cost-effective alternative to traditional toll-free calling and remote call forwarding options. In most cases the customer can retain their existing local numbers while gaining the benefits of Verizon VoIP Inbound routing capabilities. 

Why Verizon is different

The same call routing options are available from a local number as toll free service.  This allows you to serve locations with branch offices that serve geographies, as well as appear that you have multiple branch offices, while calls can be handled anywhere in the US.

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