• Access your cloud apps.
    Quickly, easily and securely.

  • Provide your users with fast, secure access to the application experience across multiple cloud environments. Globally.

  • Simplify access to your apps in the cloud.

  • Multi-Cloud App Access Manager helps you manage your multi-cloud infrastructure and improve the app-access experience. All from a single dashboard.

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  • Accelerate cloud adoption.

    Seamlessly orchestrate your cloud services. The cloud-based service model uses machine learning to provide actionable insights in near real time, and also helps to simplify operations and lower infrastructure costs. 

  •  Enable a hybrid workforce.

    Empower security teams with zero-trust protection. Layered on top of your existing cloud architecture, the solution gives cloud operations teams granular control that can enable faster performance. 

  • Modernize application delivery.

    Onboard modern apps in just a few clicks. Create access policies, and gain value at multiple connectivity levels across many clouds and regions.

  • The potential benefits can reach across your business.

      • Improve employee productivity

        Lower your cost of multi-cloud access services

      • Streamline your operating model

        Reduce your application attack surface

    • Multicloud device

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