Warehouse inventory management

Enable automated, accurate and timely visibility into your inventory anywhere, without redirecting teams and equipment.

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Inefficient warehouse operations


Manual inventory practices can take up valuable employee resources and negatively impact customer satisfaction.


Non-automated inventory practices can take excess time and cause operational disruptions, resulting in longer times to process goods.


Inadequate tracking can lead to loss, spoilage and theft of goods.

Warehouse inventory management powered by 5G

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An overview

MEC-based applications help with the management of warehouse inventory and deliver updates in near real time. Automated, accurate and timely stock taking is provided from anywhere in the warehouse without diverting operational teams and equipment.

AI-enabled cameras

Utilize cameras on forklifts and AGVs to help navigate warehouses, scan and recognize inventory and provide timely reports—freeing up personnel.

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Object recognition technology

Use barcodes, QR codes, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and object recognition to help more quickly identify products.

Reduced waste

Sensors can keep managers informed of warehouse conditions in near real time to help minimize theft and spoilage of inventory.

Helping improve inventory management

Reallocated resources

Personnel could be redeployed to handle other important—and potentially safer—warehouse operations.

More accurate inventory processing

Using MEC-based applications, inventory could be managed in near real time—with fewer disruptions to operations.

Integrated management system

Integration with a warehouse management system (WMS) could help managers track inventory data and generate discrepancy reports.

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*Verizon offers Verizon-branded, fully managed MEC solutions as part of its 5G Edge solutions portfolio. Additionally, Verizon 5G Edge public and private MEC platforms can support an array of other potential use cases and applications, neither Verizon-branded nor sold by Verizon, that are either in the Verizon 5G Edge Partner Program or provided by customers.