Patient data analytics

Help clinical staff transform big data sets into actionable information they can use for patient care in real time.

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Need for real-time patient data

Inefficient use
of device data

Rapid digitization of big data sets from monitoring devices and equipment has made it difficult to streamline data analysis, access and application.

Critical clinical staff shortages

The recent increases in hospital staff turnover rates have put a greater burden on the time clinical staff needs to monitor patient data.

Lack of AI-enabled capabilities

Aging hospital infrastructure and limitations on compute power can prevent hospitals from delivering innovative AI-backed care.

Patient data analytics powered by 5G

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An overview

Data is collected from an ecosystem of patient monitoring devices and equipment, transformed and analyzed in real time, and then shared at critical access points.

Actionable in-patient data insights

Equip clinical teams with applied analytics from patient-monitoring device data to help drive point-of-care decisions.

Real-time people and equipment tracking

Support analytics-enabled tracking of equipment, devices and people to help streamline operational efficiency and automate monitoring.

Intelligent video surveillance

Deploy AI-enabled video and computer vision solutions to drive real-time clinical insights in diagnostic procedures, operating room analytics and patient safety.

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Accessing data insights when they’re needed most

Improved data usage and management

Connected data sets from multiple sources can positively impact analytics, patient care and use of resources.

Better-equipped clinical teams

Clinicians empowered with insights from critical data sets, delivered in real time, can better support inpatient care.

Actionable roadmap for innovation

 5G solutions can help drive the adoption of operational and clinical innovations such as AI, machine learning, AR/VR and more.

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