Lesson 3

Manage demand
like you manage
your time.

  • Running a lean business

    You want your business to more efficiently deliver the right products and services to the right customers at the right time. You need to manage demand the same way you manage your time.

  • Two places to look
    for efficiency

    How do you manage demand? The answer largely depends on your two greatest assets: products and people.

This just-in-time people model can provide much-needed flexibility for businesses, giving you additional support so you can scale and adapt during seasonal changes or to manage other work that might have otherwise taken up overhead.

For products, think in terms of just-in-time inventory. Every dollar that’s sitting in inventory is money you could be investing to keep your business going instead. Constantly look for ways to keep manufacturing lean, supplies flowing and products moving.

The same goes for people. From web designers to HR support, the gig economy is booming with “as-you-need-them” staffing opportunities as workers embrace the freedom and flexibility that freelance work affords them.

  • Essential
    business lesson

    Focus your time on high-value activities that use your strengths. Delegate everything else.

Small business spotlight

    • Pretty Pink Rooster

      Learning to delegate and prioritize

      Retail business owner Alexandra Daras has big ambitions. But the family business she launched was experiencing growing pains, many of which started with her.

    • Pretty Pink Rooster

      Learning to delegate and prioritize

      Her Verizon Comeback Coach Series mentor and FocalPoint business coach Sharon Richter encouraged her to organize her time around the Pareto principle: 80% of your results will come from 20% of your actions. For Alexandra, that meant she should spend most of her time on high-value activities that make use of her strengths and delegate everything else.

    • Pretty Pink Rooster

      Learning to delegate and prioritize

      For most businesses, 20% of your client base yields 80% of your revenue, according to American author, entrepreneur and lecturer Mike Michalowicz. And similarly, 20% of your offering yields 80% of your profitability. The intersection of these top clients and top offerings is the heart of your business. Use this sweet spot to guide your priorities and decisions, matching the best products and services to the right people.

  • “To really take that leap and fulfill my dreams, I need to let go to grow.”

    —Alexandra Daras, owner, Pretty Pink Rooster

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    • Solutions to help you manage demand like you manage your time

    • Today’s productivity tools can help you manage your business, your teams and your time so that you can focus on what’s important.

    • A mobile business phone system

      A mobile-first business phone system can make it easy for employees to connect on the go. You can even use it to help you delegate tasks so you can better stay focused on your goals. And with the ability to catch every call, you’re one step closer to delivering the exceptional experiences your customers demand.

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    • Flexible business internet

      Having a reliable internet connection wherever you do business is everything. The right business internet solution can offer the blazing-fast connectivity you need to stay productive and competitive.

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