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Get the most out of your digital transformation strategy.

Watch our latest webinar where you'll hear experts from Verizon and Equinix talk about how a successful digital transformation can help meet your current business needs and those in the future. 

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Control the digital chaos.

The promise of the digital world is powerful, offering more real-time insights and automation, connected devices, and engaging customer experiences than ever before. Though the opportunity is great, the process of getting there is complex. To make the real-time enterprise a reality, organizations must dramatically change their data infrastructures.   

That starts with an interconnection-first strategy that helps gives you command of your digital solutions, shortening the distance between global applications, clouds, data, and people, while securely connecting users to a high quality application experience anywhere, on any device, and on any cloud. 

  • Network optimization and transformation

    Optimize the network for digital business.

    • Optimize your network for digital business with SDN-based application enablement solutions.
    • Enhance business agility and Quality of Experience.
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  • Hybrid multi-cloud

    Better connections to multi-cloud.

    • Drive digital innovation by leveraging hybrid multi-cloud architectures.
    • Improve traffic patterns and enhance workload mobility.


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  • Distributed security

    Operations are under attack.

    • Architect security into your digital transformation.  Additional security is better for today’s larger digital attack surface.
    • Maintain secure access and control for users and devices.
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  • Distributed data

    Customers are changing the rules. 

    • The connections in digital architectures between users and applications are evolving.
    • Integrate data intelligently into the new digital architecture.
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  • Building a Successful Digital Transformation Strategy

    Digital transformation has become a top priority for most businesses today. This brings the promise of increased automation, better support for connected devices, real-time insights into business information, as well as empowering employees and improving customer service. Successfully completing a digital transformation can be a difficult and complex undertaking and it should start with a digital-first strategy.

    This ebook will outline the challenges and benefits of today’s digital transformation culture. It will also examine the critical role the network plays, and how Equinix and Verizon can help you get there.

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  • digital transformation strategy
  • Get the most out of your digital transformation strategy.

    Many businesses are undertaking the process of modernizing their IT resources to better run today’s new services and apps. To do so requires successfully updating numerous key components of your enterprise’s infrastructure, including its network components. 

    Watch our latest webinar where you’ll hear experts from Verizon and Equinix talk about how a successful digital transformation can help meet your current business needs and those in the future. Plus, you’ll gain insights into the role your network plays in an effective digital transformation strategy.

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  • Transformation Playbook
  • Digital challenges affect many industries.

    Users are becoming more mobile and application-centric. Endpoint devices are growing exponentially. And workloads are moving anywhere at any time. To make the real-time enterprise a reality, organizations – no matter the industry – must dramatically adapt their data infrastructures.

    Download our Transformation Playbook to better understand the challenges your industry is facing, and the key steps you should consider in moving towards a more agile network environment.

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Verizon & Equinix 

Verizon and Equinix help you rethink how you can work, with faster connectivity and better visibility, all in a distributed ecosystem. Backed by world-class managed and professional service expertise, organizations can re-architect a new hybrid footprint next to users at the edge, all while embracing SDN-enabled virtual technologies and empowering the network for digital transformation. Verizon and Equinix solutions can provide the following benefits:

  • Consistent user experience. Improve performance by deploying applications at the digital edge.
  • Better insights. Enhance user and application experience visibility across multiple clouds.
  • Experience & expertise. Design a solution that helps meet your specific needs with industry leaders.
  • Enhanced security. Connect privately to the cloud and bypass the shared public internet.


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