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The rise of distance and hybrid learning has brought the importance of digital equity to the forefront. Whether learning in the classroom or remotely, students depend on technology to help them keep pace and excel. And educators depend on technology to offer all their students a consistent and effective learning experience.

Our reliable, secure network, as well as our innovative collaboration and communication offerings, provide the digital tools you need to help students engage, connect, learn and succeed. Discover our solutions to fit your educational needs including strong internet networks, collaboration software for communication, and security tools to protect sensitive information.

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Help overcome learning barriers with strong connections.

No two students are alike in  learning styles, engagement levels, personal challenges or the locations where they attend class. To be successful when catering to these various needs, educators need to create a hybrid environment that provides a consistent experience for everyone. And that starts with a strong connectivity foundation.

We have the reliable connectivity options you need to help give your students the ability to succeed from virtually anywhere they are learning. Whether you’re serving traditional classroom students, those getting their education remotely or a mix of both, you can support them with the connected technology they need.

LTE Business Internet

Get business-grade wireless internet connectivity, virtually any time, almost anywhere in the U.S.

Private IP

Access scalable connectivity, backed by secure network technologies.


Get all your network deployments working toward a common goal and help your entire network run more intelligently.

Dedicated Internet Services

Share information quickly and easily with reliable, flexible connectivity.

See our connectivity solutions in action.

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How Rock Island Milan School District deployed a fixed wireless solution for students during the pandemic

"Failure wasn’t an option” for an Illinois school district that implemented fixed wireless access (FWA) to connect nearly 80% of its students without home internet.

chief leschi schools remote learning 360x180

How Verizon enabled remote learning for Chief Leschi Schools

See how a partnership with Verizon helped one school support its remote learning capabilities and transform the way teachers, students and parents connect and collaborate.

fort wayne remote learning 360x180

Fort Wayne delivers remote learning in record time

Learn how one school district teamed up with Verizon to deliver connectivity solutions to thousands of students just in time for a new—and most unusual—school year.

Enable Collaboration

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Working together fosters better learning experiences.

Creating connected classrooms and smart campuses is only the first step. To get the most out of your reliable connectivity, you still need to build a hybrid model that includes all the tools students and educators need to stay engaged, connected and productive. 

With virtual classroom technologies, video conferencing tools, unified communication platforms and more, we have a wide array of offerings to help keep you communicating and collaborating.

One Talk

One Talk delivers mobile unified communications, so you can engage with students, teachers, parents and the academic community in new ways while helping to simplify your IT.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex® from Verizon provides a virtual classroom and collaboration experience that helps flexible application and enterprise-grade security integration.

Audio and video conferencing

Gain the flexibility needed to hold classroom and team meetings anytime, virtually anywhere, using web, voice and video conferencing.

Further explore collaboration in education.

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What is blended learning?

What's the “best” instructional approach for K12 students: all in-person, all online or some combination of the two?  Blended learning may be the best of both worlds.

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Hybrid learning in higher education

Blended or hybrid learning learning—mixing in-person with online instruction and study—has enabled more flexible access to higher education.

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What is the future of distance learning in the traditional classroom?

Innovations and new tools in educational technology are the new reality and provide more flexibility and expanded options to reach students.

Security: Connected learning requires careful protection.

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Help safeguard your digital learning environment from escalating threats.

The increase in cyber threats at educational institutions is confirmation that  hackers believe they can capitalize on student, faculty, school and university data. The more people and devices you connect as part of your digital  learning environment, the more potential security vulnerabilities you create.

Help protect against threats to your data by relying on our decades of security expertise and wide range of security solutions. As the threats facing education continue to evolve, we can help you better understand where to focus your security efforts.

Wireless Private Network

Give your people and their devices seamless, secure access to company sites and data anywhere our wireless network is available, and while roaming internationally.

DDoS Shield

Help mitigate the effects of unexpected and unpredictable distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.

Mobile Device Management

Help mitigate mobile risk across schools by streamlining how you manage mobility and protect data using a single management portal.

Rapid Response Retainer

Enable access to the expertise, tools and knowledge to help prepare for and respond to cyberattacks.

Further explore security in education.

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Zero-trust security approach to higher education. Keep your distance learning environment secure.

Explore just a few of the many ways that Verizon can help make distance learning more secure. 

transform your mobile internet security 600x260

Transform your mobile internet security with cloud-based protection.

Learn how Verizon Secure Cloud Gateway can help you seamlessly extend internet access policies to help meet government regulatory compliances, such as the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA).

Explore more.

Take a deeper dive into the education topics that interest you most with these additional resources.

How to manage successful after-school programs

Learn how managing after school enrichment programs are linked to higher academic gains and narrowing of the achievement gap.

Adaptive learning technology FAQs

Learn how harnessing the right technologies can help educators gather critical details about each learner to customize the resources they provide and the activities they assign.

Proven, credentialed digital professional development open to all teachers

Read more about the integration of technology training courses designed by Verizon Innovative Learning to support distance and hybrid learning.

A hybrid learning model is the future of distance learning.

See why the future of distance learning will be a hybrid of the traditional and the cutting-edge

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Get tools to help close the digital divide.

Technology is opening new learning opportunities in and out of the classroom, helping schools and libraries better connect with students and library patrons.

To improve digital equity, the federal government has provided funding to invest in critical technology through the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF).

Funding under the Emergency Connectivity Fund (ECF) program subject to customer eligibility and funding availability as determined by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). Verizon makes no representation regarding reimbursement eligibility for purchases made by Verizon Government customers, including schools and libraries eligible for ECF. Government customers subject to the terms and conditions of their Verizon Wireless government contracts.

Eligible schools and libraries that applied for funding between April 28 and May 13, 2022 may be eligible to receive reimbursements on devices and connectivity service. 

If you have been approved for funding and you requested SPI billing, click here for the SPI Billing letter or contact your Verizon Government Account Representative.

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