Modernizing the DoD. Strategically and securely.

Built right for defense, Verizon’s secure, high-performance solutions integrate seamlessly with legacy systems and support your digital transformation efforts.

  • Advancing the mission together.

  • As a trusted partner, Verizon strives to help connect and modernize defense agencies in support of your mission to meet the needs of our nation. Our technology solutions are built to help you transform digitally, increase command and control capabilities, and stay ahead of cyber threats.

  • 4G/5G Smart Base

    Connect thousands of on-base IoT devices with 4G LTE and, in the future 5G Mobile Edge Compute (MEC), to help make faster, more informed decisions and better support the warfighter.

  • Enterprise IT as a Service (EITaaS)

    Promote mission readiness while supporting the end user. Consolidate military base lines of effort (LOEs) into one architecture with greater service cross-functionality.

  • Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS)

    The EIS contract provides agencies a streamlined, solutions-based process for current and next-gen technology procurement.

  • Security solutions

    Help protect your valuable networks and data, prevent breaches, and help mitigate impact should a security incident occur. All while bolstering your agency’s mission.

Resources and Insights

  • Case Study

    5G and Tech Innovation Help the DoD Explore New Frontier

    Learn how Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and Verizon are partnering to explore ways DoD agencies can use 5G to their advantage—and accelerate U.S. advancements in 5G-enabled technologies and security.

    Read the case study

Podcast Series

  • Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Pioneers the Use of 5G (Part 1)

    In part one of this series, hear how the Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar tested and rolled out Verizon 5G in partnership with Verizon and Qualcomm.

    Listen to the podcast
  • Marine Corps Air Station Miramar Pioneers the Use of 5G (Part 2)

    In part two of this series, learn how Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) Miramar is paving the way for new applications and opportunities that can transform mission success across government.

    Hear the podcast

5G Videos

  • 5G DoD Use Case Video

    Augmented and Virtual Reality Training

    Pairing Verizon's 5G technology with Taqtile’s Manifest solution can help frontline troops conduct operational enablement and training on real-world equipment.

    View the video
  • 5G DoD Use Case Video

    Augmented Reality Workforce Solutions, Featuring Vuzix

    Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network and Vuzix M400 Smart Glasses can remotely deliver on-the-job expertise and knowledge to keep workers safe and increase productivity.

    Watch the video
  • 5G DoD Use Case Video

    Drone Services, Featuring Mapware

    When paired with Verizon 5G, Aerial Applications’ Mapware can digitize geospatial intelligence in high fidelity for operational planning.

    Learn from the video
  • 5G DoD Use Case Video

    IoT Solutions Using 5G, Featuring Blueforce

    Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband allows Blueforce Development to build systems that enable real-time communication between devices in the U.S. to improve the adaptability and survivability of U.S. forces.

    See the video
  • Event Video

    5G & the U.S. Marine Corps: How Miramar is Becoming a Proving Ground for New Use Cases

    A panel of experts discuss the path Marine Corps Air Station Miramar took to achieve their millimeter-wave 5G installations and the plans for the future.

    View the video View public sector events
  • Event Video

    5G Innovation Sessions: Advancing the Missions of the DoD

    Hear how 5G can help the DoD securely shape missions and support strategic initiatives. You’ll also hear defense-focused use cases.

    Watch the video View public sector events


Podcast Series: Let the Warfighter Fight
In this five-part podcast series, Verizon discusses the benefits of EITaaS Lines of Effort (LOEs) and how future solutions could help shape EITaaS at the DoD.

  • Let the Warfighter Fight (Part 1): Network as a Service

    In part one of this series, David Rouse, Managing Client Partner at Verizon, discusses how EITaaS Network-as-a-Service helps promote mission readiness for the DoD. 

    Listen to the podcast
  • Let the Warfighter Fight (Part 2): End-User Services

    In part two of this series, Anita Stanton, Sr. Client Executive Army and DoD Programs at Verizon, discusses how EITaaS helps enhance end-user services for the DoD.

    Hear the podcast
  • Let the Warfighter Fight (Part 3): Compute and Store

    In part three of this series, Chris Everich, Enterprise Architect at Verizon, shares what the DoD’s move to the cloud will mean for EITaaS compute and store at military bases.

    Listen now
  • Let the Warfighter Fight (Part 4): Cross Functionality

    In part four of this series, Eric Hardie, Principal Architect at Verizon, discusses how EITaaS helps improve cross functionality and processes for the DoD.

    Listen now
  • Let the Warfighter Fight (Part 5): EITaaS of the Future

    In part five of this series, Verizon discusses how EITaaS helps promote “any user, any device, any location” at the DoD, as well as what the future holds in this new arena.

    Listen to the podcast
    • Podcast

      Disaster Recovery and Continuity of Ops Planning in a Post-Pandemic World

    • In this podcast, Verizon’s Mike Young discusses how U.S. organizations outside the continental U.S. can better secure their networks for mission success at any location.

      Hear the podcast

Article Series

  • How EITaaS Puts DoD Cloud Services on the Same Page (Part 1)

    The Army and Air Force are looking to unified cloud services to break down silos, streamline data and deliver more effectively on the mission.

    Learn more
  • EITaaS Provides a Foundation for DoD’s Digital Modernization (Part 2)

    EITaaS builds a foundation for the DoD to digitally modernize by taking advantage of new and emerging technologies and improving mission effectiveness.

    Read more
  • White Paper

    Factors to Consider for a Successful EIS Contract Transition

    Learn how choosing the right EIS partner can help you improve agency performance, increase network
    flexibility and strengthen cybersecurity as you transform IT to better support your mission.

    Explore EIS
  • Podcast

    Quantum Key Distribution (QKD)—Securing Future Network Communications

    In this podcast, Lee Sattler, distinguished engineer at Verizon, discusses how QKD leverages quantum mechanics to become the future of cybersecurity for the government.

    Listen to the podcast


  • 2021 Data Breach Investigations Report Public Sector Snapshot

    To create this year’s report, the DBIR team analyzed 29,207 real-world security incidents. Find out what they discovered about the 2021 threat landscape. 

    Read the report
  • Mobile Security Index 2021 Public Sector Snapshot

    As the use of mobile devices in the public sector continues to grow, so do security threats. Read this report for a deep dive into the risks—and steps you can take to secure your missions.

    Learn more

Ransomware Series

  • A Growing Threat to Agencies: Ransomware Reshapes the Cybersecurity Landscape

    The threat of ransomware continues to grow and impact government agencies. Learn how to combat these bad actors.

    View the article
  • Is Your Agency the Next Ransomware Victim?

    Learn best practices and get expert insights on how to implement measures to counter this game-changing threat.

    Read the article
  • A Guide to Help Governments Prevent Ransomware Attacks

    When was the last time your agency had a cybersecurity assessment? Use this guide to see where your agency stands with cyber hygiene. 

    Explore the guide
  • Photo credits: Gertrud Zach, Madanat, Sgt. Marvin Lopeznavarro, Senior Airman Demond Mcghee

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