Get a variety of options with federal government IT solutions.

Improve agency performance and efficiency with IT solutions that help you address federal government standards. We offer various purchasing and procurement options with attractive terms and pricing.

Our government contract vehicles cover a variety of intelligent networking, cloud, mobility and security solutions that help you collaborate more productively and respond to constituents more quickly while providing services consistently and securely.

As a trusted technology partner, we help you cost-effectively ease the migration from legacy systems to cloud infrastructures and data centers and help federal agencies increase awareness and deliver better services to both employees and the public. You can expedite purchasing with pre-approved contracts offered by Verizon—one of the largest GSA-approved providers of communications services to the federal government. Check back regularly for new contract awards, updates, and modifications.

Defense Information System Agency

DTS-P II provides the end-to-end transmission services and capabilities essential to the Defense Information System Network (DISN) - Pacific, DoD’s consolidated enterprise level telecommunications infrastructure for the expanded Pacific region. The Expanded Pacific Region consists of the Pacific Command (PACOM), Northern Command (NORTHCOM), Southern Command (SOUTHCOM), and Central Command (CENTCOM) Area of Operations (AOR).

For more information, visit the DTS-P II web site.

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS)
Information technology, telecommunications services, and other enterprise solutions

Under this 15-year Government Wide Acquisition Contract, federal agencies will be able to buy information technology, telecommunications services, and other enterprise solutions from Verizon. EIS is an all-encompassing contract and will provide a comprehensive yet streamlined solutions-based process for current and next-generation technology procurement. The contract features simplified pricing, improved management and operational support.

For more information, visit the EIS web site.

Federal Emergency Management
Telecommunications Services

This contract establishes Verizon Federal as FEMA's agent to establish mission-critical communications during both natural and man-made disasters. FEMA may select from a wide range of services and products that provide state-of-the-art voice, data and information services.

This FEMA contract Includes all 50 states and U.S. territories.

Contract Highlights

  • Nationwide consolidated vendor payment and invoicing
  • Nationwide technical engineering, ordering and support services
  • Hardware and software integration and application development
  • LAN/WAN (local area network/wide area network) hardware, design and management
  • Maintenance support

Products and Services

  • National cellular and wireless technologies
  • Satellite up and down link service for voice and video
  • Nationwide paging
  • Technical engineering and integration service
  • National level WAN/LAN components
  • Internet services and web page design support
  • Network security consulting
  • Software design, development and deployment
  • Nationwide maintenance agreements and coordination
  • Nortel PABX equipment
  • Octel voice mail products

A wide range of other information products and services are available to meet the demands of maintaining a federal capability to respond and deploy critical communications directly to the front line of disasters as they occur.

For more information, contact your Verizon Federal account manager, or call 1-800-333-7005.

Global Network Services

The GNS contract is used by the Department of Defense to deploy a highly secure and reliable global network by 2020. More than one million Department of Defense and national security personnel will be supported by the integrated network.

For more information, visit the GNS web site.

GSA Schedule Program
Quality Networking Services

Our GSA Schedule Program features a variety of quality IT, professional, security and networking solutions to help improve your agency's performance. We provide Cloud, Identity Management Services, IP technologies, wireless communications, e-conferencing, network security, IT professional services, LAN and WAN access products and other communications solutions to meet your needs.

  • MCI Communications Services, Inc. dba Verizon Business Services (formerly Cybertrust) - Contract Number GS-35F-0382T

For more information, please visit the GSA Schedule web site.

Metropolitan Area Acquisition - Buffalo, Boston, Baltimore, New York, Norfolk

Awarded by GSA, this contract provides local voice, video and data communications services to federal agencies in Buffalo, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Baltimore, Maryland; New York, New York and Norfolk, Virginia. The contract term is for four base years, plus four one-year options.

Universal and Enterprise

Networx Universal and Enterprise are comprehensive agency-wide acquisitions that provide continuity of current domestic and international telecommunications services and solutions necessary to satisfy telecommunications and network requirements for the life of the contract. The scope of these contracts includes technological advances, service improvements, customer-specific applications, software enhancements, network-based applications and associated offerings. In addition, the program is designed to allow the government to choose among a comprehensive range of integrated telecommunications and network services, ranging from converged voice, video and data services over a single network to a variety of next-generation offerings, including advanced IP services, managed services and advanced security services.

For more information, visit the Networx web site.

Wireless for Government
Keeping Government Customers Connected 

Verizon Wireless holds a variety of contract vehicles that support the mobility needs of federal agencies, including:

  • GSA Multiple Award Schedule - Contract Number 47QTCA20D00B5
  • NAVSUP FLSD Spiral 4 Contract:   N00244-24-D-0010 (Coming Soon)
  • NAVSUP FLSD Spiral 3 Contract:   N00244-18-D-0003 - Expired: May 7, 2024

For more information, please visit Verizon's Navy Spiral 3 web site.

For information on our other available contract vehicles, please contact your Verizon Wireless sales representative.

GSA Washington Interagency Telecommunications System

The WITS 3 contract offers local telecommunications services and products for federal agencies in the National Capital Region (NCR), which includes Washington and portions of its Maryland and Virginia suburbs. WITS 3 includes local voice, video and data services, such as voice over IP, Internet access and Ethernet services; fiber-optic services; and products and services for continuity of operations planning (COOP) for federal agencies. WITS 3 also will serve as a platform for federal customers seeking to transition to the GSA Networx program over the next decade.

With WITS 3, you can order multiple products and services from various vendors and still receive a single bill. Verizon Business’ Service@once™ and Bill@once™ support systems provide on-line access to integrated ordering, billing, provisioning, trouble reporting and inventory systems. WITS 3 customers can continue to conveniently order services via telephone, fax, mail, e-mail, or the online Service@once™ system.

For more information, visit the WITS 3 web site.





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