Public Sector security solutions

Develop a scalable, modernized cybersecurity
strategy to help protect your agency.

Security solutions

Get the solutions and services your agency needs to support your growing technology stack and help defend against security threats.

Mobile device and endpoint security

Simplify how you manage your mobile devices and endpoints, and keep your sensitive data secure.

Advanced Security Operations Center

Verizon Professional Services experts can provide you with 
a dedicated, proactive threat response.

Network and cloud security

Reduce complexity, control costs and fortify your network infrastructure at—and beyond—the edge.

DDoS Shield

Mitigate the effects of unexpected and unpredictable distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks with Verizon’s scalable cloud-based solution.

Cybersecurity insights

2024 Data Breach Investigations Report

This year, we analyzed a staggering 30,458 real-world security incidents. Download the DBIR to find out more about the cyber threats your organization might be up against.

2023 Payment Security Report Insights

Learn best practices for simplifying and securing your payment data with new insights from our experienced PCI assessment experts.

2023 Mobile Security Index

Gain critical insights into the current mobile threat landscape, and tips from security experts for how to protect your organization.

Assess your agency's digital transformation.

Use our easy assessment tool to gain insights into your organization’s stage of digital transformation—and create an action plan.*

Cybersecurity assessment services for Public Sector

Identify security risks and threats before they can seriously harm your organization.

Cybersecurity assessment services for Public Sector

Identify security risks and threats before they can seriously harm your organization.

Paying the price: Ransomware in education

Ransomware cost our education system $4 billion in 2022 – just for the downtime. Find out what’s making schools a top target, and get best practices for protecting your data.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) for cybersecurity

With roughly $1.2 trillion in funding, IIJA offers several avenues of support to make technology safety improvements.

How smart street lights can help deter crime and improve safety in cities

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*Report results are based on self-reported information and are for assessment purposes only. Your actual data systems and information configurations and needs may differ from these results and report insights. You should not rely on this report in lieu of a professional assessment of your data transformation needs. Please contact your Verizon Account Representative for more information and details regarding your digital transformation assessment results.