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Key security reports

dbir 2023 resources

2023 Data Breach Investigations Report

Strengthen your organization’s understanding and awareness of cybersecurity. Read our detailed analysis of 16,000+ security incidents from around the world.

2022 Mobile Security Index Report

2022 Mobile Security Index Report

Explore the most important insights your organization needs to help improve mobile security.

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2022 Payment Security Report

See how to overcome payment security challenges, learn the three stages of PCI DSS compliance program failure and more.

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Leverage our powerful tool to learn your organization’s stage of digital transformation. You’ll gain key insights and an action plan to help you reach the next level—and achieve your mission.*

Government IT spending 2023: Network Security and Modernization



Panel: How 5G can contribute to greater national security.

NSA’s Technical Director of Cybersecurity Neal Ziring and Wes Withrow, Verizon public sector solutions executive, discuss how 5G mobile edge computing is poised to help defense agencies operate more efficiently and securely.

Verizon, Ciena and Network Modernization: A roadmap for Defense agencies



Cybersecurity challenges in the hybrid work environment.

As agencies move to the hybrid work environment, cybersecurity solutions need to evolve to protect data.

A guide for federal agencies navigating Zero Trust.

Zero Trust is the ultimate expression of the philosophy "trust but verify," and it fundamentally changes the way agencies are protected.

Cybersecurity in the age of 5G

How will the increase in 5G connectivity affect cybersecurity for government agency IT leaders? This Q&A will identify where to focus attention.

Smart cities and cybersecurity

Smart cities enjoy tremendous benefits, but they need to take key steps to protect against cyberattacks.

Healthcare data protection and security

Large hospitals and health systems of the future are advancing care quality and resource management. Learn how important cybersecurity in healthcare and the importance of data security and protection.

Cyber security in the government sector: The role of state and local governments

Cyber security in the government sector is essential for state and local governments, too—not just federal. Learn why and ways to prevent cyber attacks.

How to prevent toll hacks by prioritizing toll collection security

Departments of Transportation (DoT) are turning to electronic toll collection. This brings risks of toll hacks. Learn how to prevent them here.

Paying the price: Ransomware in education

Ransomware cost our education system $4 billion in 2022 – just for the downtime. Find out what’s making schools a top target, and get best practices for protecting your data.

Cybersecurity Assessments for Colleges and Universities

Colleges and universities are tempting targets for cyber criminals. Many higher education institutions are not prepared to respond.

Cybersecurity resources for K-12 schools

Cyber threats for K-12 schools is a known safety concern and it's important to know how to keep students, faculty, and administrators safe.

How to boost campus safety and security with situational awareness technologies

For campus safety and security, 5G can help colleges use advanced tools that keep campus police on top of threats.

Cybersecurity training for teachers

Security training for teachers is crucial to instilling cyber best practices into students. Here's what to include in cyber security teacher training.

VerizonFrontLine: Wireless Priority Service

Priority when access for first responders on the front lines matters most.

How drones, phones and mini cell towers can benefit public safety

Learn more about how organizations can leverage a mini cell tower as part of their UAV program—including on search and rescue drones.

How 5G can help improve situational awareness for first responders

Learn how public safety organizations and first responders can use technology to help improve situational awareness and save lives.

6 questions agencies should ask a potential public safety partner

There’s no perfect formula for finding the right public safety network partner, but here are 6 questions agencies should consider as they assess their options.

How smart street lights can help deter crime and improve safety in cities

Discover how smart street lights not only reduce costs and carbon emissions but also can help improve public safety.

  • *Report results are based on self-reported information and are for assessment purposes only. Your actual data systems and information configurations and needs may differ from these results and report insights. You should not rely on this report in lieu of a professional assessment of your data transformation needs. Please contact your Verizon Account Representative for more information and details regarding your digital transformation assessment results.

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