5G Edge Automated Guided Vehicles Management.

Verizon 5G Edge AGV Management leverages Private 5G Network connectivity and private mobile edge computing to keep you steps ahead in robotic fleet management.

  • Adaptability.
    At the pace of innovation.

  • Our solution helps manufacturing, warehousing and logistics operators reroute multi-vendor fleets of AGVs in near real time—to easily meet changing market and customer demands.

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  • Minimize

    Bypass costly and rigid models of fleet management.

  • Improve

    Increase operational efficiency and utilization.

  • Adapt to

    Quickly adapt to changing customer and market demands.

  • Enhance

    Improve safety on plant and factory floors.

  • The next level of fleet operation.

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    Get fleet status in near real time, plus analytics and performance metrics to help optimize plant operations.

  • carousel 2 task desktop


    Plan paths utilizing traffic management to assign and execute tasks as needed — whether by robot or fleet-wide.

  • carousel 3 surrounding desktop


    Increase safety margins and help prevent costly collisions.

  • carousel 4 dynamic desktop


    Use simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) to enable mobile robots to respond to changing conditions in near real time.

  • carousel 5 simulation desktop

    Simulators and digital twins.

    Test and optimize applications before deploying to the live mobile robot fleet.

  • carousel 6 user role desktop

    User role

    Dynamically assign workflows, easily defining groups, roles and permission settings to control access to the solution portal.

  • carousel 7 system integration desktop

    System integration via APIs.

    Enable seamless integration of MES, ERP systems and WMS through APIs.

    Manufacturing execution systems (MES), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, warehouse management systems (WMS), application programming interfaces (APIs).
  • carousel 8 remote op desktop

    Remote operation and control.

    Optimize routes by easily customizing business rules and route designs of mixed AGV fleets in near real time.

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Private 5G

Learn how the dynamic, all-in-one business solution of Private 5G Network can help you meet the operational challenges of tomorrow.

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The power
of private MEC.

See how mobile edge computing (MEC) can transform your business by combining a private 5G wireless network with on-premises cloud capabilities.

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5G Edge

Effectively monitor the performance of networks, devices, infrastructure and applications.

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