Hosted Intelligent
Contact Routing

Get premises-based functionality
with cloud based flexibility.

Intelligently route customer interactions.

Customers today want personalized experiences when interacting with your contact centers.  This can be initiated by routing them to the best resource that can satisfy their request.  Moving past simple queue-based routing can help improve interactions and increase customer satisfaction while better managing operational costs. The goal of your contact center should be to enable an exceptional business outcome- and intelligent call routing can help you achieve that.

Driving operational efficiencies across your centers, leveraging information and intelligence you have about the customer as well as available resources can help you meet their expectations first time.

What is Hosted Intelligent Contact Routing?

Hosted Intelligent Contact Routing (ICR) is a comprehensive, managed, network-based solution that intelligently routes multimedia transactions, such as voice, e-mail, chat, and web collaboration for contact centers. Hosted ICR gives entities with multiple contact centers the power to operate as one single virtual enterprise. Deployed in a network-class environment and accompanied by a suite of optional managed services, Hosted ICR is a cloud based service based on software from our technology partner Genesys.

How does Hosted Intelligent Contact Routing work?

Hosted ICR provides contact-by-contact intelligent call routing through a universal queue that directs each contact to the agent best able to serve each customer's need, whether in a contact center, home office, or at a remote branch office location. Hosted ICR employs your business rules, calling party characteristics, any data requested or provided by the user, as well as any data retrieved from your host computers - all within our network.

Features & benefits

Hosted Intelligent Contact Routing is a fully integrated cloud Interactive Voice Response (IVR) available with speech and database routing.  Hosted ICR is a usage-based service that offers you the control you need without requiring equipment on your premises. Providing you on-demand control along with skills-based, caller-profile, and real-time availability routing and includes:

  • Network queuing and transfer
  • Enterprise management tools
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Historical reporting

Because Hosted ICR gives you a dedicated cloud environment you can focus on driving performance of your contact center and your business instead of managing equipment. We are responsible for all platform upgrades.  Usage-based pricing model provides you with predictable and manageable costs as your business scales during seasonal demands.

Verizon value proposition

High availability–without the hassles. Hosted Intelligent Contact Routing offers you great benefits along with significant advantages.


Similarities to CPE Advantages over CPE
Customer control Network queuing and routing
Same Genesys capabilities: agent-level skills-based routing, CTI enablement Turnkey solution via OPEX vs CAPEX
Standard and custom reports Verizon responsible for platform upgrades
Web accessible Test lab and end-to-end, network-to-premises testing
Real-time contact center monitoring Scalability

Professional services

Our Professional Services Consultants are certified and highly experienced in the operation of network-based contact routing hardware and/or software and understand the network routing aspects needed to implement a solution that will meet your needs.

The ever-evolving technology landscape requires organizations to pursue contact center strategies that can meet the demanding customer expectations and move at the speed of change, driving a competitive edge. Verizon provides an end-to-end portfolio of professional services that can create better experiences, drive measurable results, and mitigate security risks for your business. Our professional services experts can help at every stage of the lifecycle; strategy, advising, planning, implementation, integration, monitoring, management and incident response services.

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