BlueJeans Events

Host and manage production-grade virtual events and engaging live streams for audiences around the world.

Host engaging virtual and hybrid gatherings with BlueJeans Events.

When you leverage the power of BlueJeans Events, you’ll be able to create  high-quality interactive virtual experiences that capture the attention of attendees joining remotely.

This product is best for:

Hosting corporate and department events where attendees need to be able to ask questions, share information and actively participate

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Creating engaging webinars for more effective lead generation, trainings and education using simple broadcasting controls—no need for special equipment

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Live streaming events designed to stun your audience, elevate your brand and help scale your subscribers

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What is it?

BlueJeans Events turn audio-based, one-way meetings into interactive virtual events with high production quality. BlueJeans Events cater to three types of participants: Producers who set up and control the event; Presenters who can deliver the content; and Attendees who can watch, listen and interact.

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How does it help you?

Whether used internally to build corporate culture or externally to deliver highly effective marketing and sales engagements, you can transform your virtual gatherings with BlueJeans Events by bringing a whole new level of interactivity.

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BlueJeans Studio

Produce stunning, professional-grade live streams within BlueJeans Events using powerful production tools and an easy-to-use producer's dashboard to help engage your audience and elevate your brand.

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BlueJeans Expo

Bring multisession, multiday virtual events to life with this all-in-one event management platform that lets you create fully customizable and interactive virtual experiences.

Features and benefits of BlueJeans Events

Large-scale event support

Easily host live all-hands, town hall meetings, webinars and training events worldwide that can accommodate 150,000 attendees and 150 interactive presenters.

Live streaming

Broadcast and livestream to Facebook Live, YouTube or any  real-time messaging protocol (RTMP) destination  to reach even larger audiences.

Robust production controls

Control the event setup, video layout, interactive engagement, customizable branding, live streaming and content sharing using the BlueJeans Studio dashboard.

1080p video and Dolby Voice

Produce TV-quality virtual broadcasts to elevate the event experience.

Easy to join

Presenters and attendees can join from any in-room video system, computer, mobile device or telephone connection, making it flexible and easily accessible.

Audience engagement tools

Connect and collaborate with interactive tools such as Q&A, event chat, audience polling and hand raising to encourage audience participation.

Cloud-based recording

Capture entire events for future playback and sharing.

Command Center

A centralized dashboard provides management and usage data for historical and live events.

Global accessibility and translations

Translate your event into over 70 languages with automated closed captions and simultaneous interpretation features.

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