BlueJeans Meetings

Collaborate effectively with premium video conferencing from virtually anywhere on any device.

Instantly connect and collaborate with BlueJeans Meetings.

Move your business forward by creating virtual face-to-face interactions with employees, customers and partners.

This product is best for:

Organizations that need a premium video conferencing experience to help their distributed workforce better collaborate

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Companies looking for a simple one-touch video conferencing solution that is easy to use, manage and deploy

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Businesses that need enterprise-grade security features to help safeguard end-user privacy during video meetings

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What is it?

BlueJeans Meetings is a mobile-first video conferencing solution that makes it simple for people to connect virtually. Participants can join and hosts can manage a meeting using any supported browser wherever they have a connection—all without needing to download an app.

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How does it help you?

Because BlueJeans Meetings is an easy-to-use platform, you can rest assured that when it’s time for your teams to come together, collaborate and make decisions, they’ll be able to join meetings without added hassle. Plus, with an add-on option to host up to 1,000 participants per meeting, you can scale meetings to fit your specific needs.

Features and benefits of BlueJeans Meetings

HD video and Dolby Voice

Elevate the meeting experience with crystal-clear audio powered by Dolby Voice® and share video and content in up to HD 1080p video quality.

Device agnostic

Join or run meetings on your preferred compatible device from wherever you have a connection.

Smart meetings

In-meeting smart features allow for quick highlights, task assignment, transcripts, cloud recording and streaming, and more.

Collab Board

Leverage remote, real-time whiteboard collaboration in your meetings.

Universal accessibility

Leverage core features like closed captioning, keyboard accessibility and visual enablement to help ensure that everyone can successfully participate in every video conference.

In-meeting collaboration tools

Easily brainstorm and share content with user-friendly integrations, and further help improve workflow productivity by integrating BlueJeans Meetings with Slack®, Microsoft Teams® and more.

Breakout sessions

Open the virtual meeting space to a world of new possibilities with the ability to break away and collaborate in smaller groups, allowing the host to split larger team meetings into up to 75 simultaneous sessions.


Keep conversations secure with Restricted Meetings and by having all content in transit encrypted using AES-256 GCM.

Command Center

Provide administrators with instant visibility across their BlueJeans environments, allowing for immediate insight into meeting performance, network conditions and user-focused ROI.

Valuable resources and information

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BlueJeans Meetings flyer

Empower your workforce with secure video conferencing that can move your business forward with virtual face-to-face interactions.

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Remote learning with Blue Jeans by Verizon

Unlock remote learning opportunities with an engaging video conferencing experience coupled with a dynamic set of tools to manage and customize your teaching sessions.

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Learn how one company accelerated a shift to virtual consultation and expanded their territory using BlueJeans.

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