Field Force Manager

Get the visibility you need to drive efficiency in the field with the
Field Force Manager app.

  • Help mobile teams stay in touch and on top of their day.

  • Verizon Field Force Manager is a workforce management solution that encompasses everything from mobile timesheets and barcode scanning to remote scheduling and geofencing. It provides the visibility needed to drive efficiency in the field and the data needed to streamline processes for all types of organizations.

Field Force Manager is best for:

  • Talking


    Small businesses that rely on efficient, customer-oriented field team performance to succeed

  • Customer Satisfaction


    Medium-sized and large enterprises with either large field services or remote employees requiring back-office connectivity

  • Government icon


    A wide range of Public Sector agencies with mobile workforces and teams in the field

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    What is it?

    Field Force Manager is a workforce management solution that features back-office integration to key business systems and an easy-to-use, versatile mobile app to help you connect remote employees.

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    How does it help you?

    Field Force Manager combines several functions such as barcode scanning, geofencing, mobile timesheets, job scheduling and invoicing to deliver visibility into your operations and workforce, streamline information collection and simplify administrative processes.

Field Force Manager features

Ways to help manage your workforce in the field

  • Workforce connections

    Schedule and dispatch jobs directly to employee mobile devices.

  • Simplified coordination

    Schedule customer visits and manage jobs, timetables and routes.

  • Easy verification

    Verify the service performed, provider, receiver, date, time, location and duration.

  • Streamlined processes

    Monitor worker hours with mobile timesheets and use digital verification for faster billing.

  • Advanced tracking

    Track inventory, productivity, payroll costs, job performance and service satisfaction.

  • Automated documentation

    Record reimbursable mileage, parking and tolls, and digitally send data to the office.

  • Scalable

    Select the solution to fit your needs with help from our workforce management and productivity experts.

  • Electronic paperwork

    Record hours, view assignments and collect delivery signatures electronically.  

Manage your workforce better with Field Force Manager.


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