Continuity of Operations Solutions

Agencies need coverage they can trust.

Uncertain times can bring unforeseen challenges. Verizon’s continuity solutions help ensure your public sector organization stays securely connected—so you can focus on mission-critical operations and serving the community.


Real solutions to serve changing community needs

Accelerate online plans and processes to meet increased demand.

  • Remote work tips for public sector agencies

    Meet the sudden shift to working off-site with these tips for secure connection and collaboration.

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  • Best practices for using persistent collaboration tools

    Help your employees communicate and collaborate more efficiently, no matter where they’re working.

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  • Mobile security in the public sector

    Get an in-depth look at mobile-security risks in local, state and federal government agencies.

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Digital Transformation in a New Age

A Webinar Series

  • Male firefighter using a tablet
  • Session #5

    The quest for interoperability. Where do we stand?

    Held on June 23, 2021

    How would we structure emergency coordination, situational awareness and public announcements if we could work across networks and devices? Interoperability is more than just hooking up network infrastructure. It's about enabling people across agencies and organizations to reach the right person and communicate when they need to, how they need to. 

    But effective interoperability won't be possible until all carriers, device manufacturers, platforms and solution providers commit to enabling it. In this webinar, our experts discuss where we are in that decades-long quest. Join us to learn what it will take to get there.

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