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Exclusive offers: Public Sector devices

  • new sam s23 fe 400x470

    Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (128GB)

    Get the Galaxy S23 FE 128GB as low as $0.

    Galaxy S23 FE is jam-packed with features including a long-lasting battery, a premium processor, a smooth and strong display, a triple-lens camera and more.

    Discount: $199.99 instant discount applied at point of sale
    Eligible Devices: Samsung Galaxy S23 FE (128 GB)
    Eligible Transactions: New Activations, Upgrades
    Purchase Types: 2 yr/1 yr (Gov) Plan Requirements: $15.00+ with data feature; State & Local - $19.99+ with data feature; State of TN – flat rate plan with data feature (must meet Price Plan requirement). Available to government-liable subscribers only and subject to the terms, provisions and conditions of Verizon Wireless-approved government contracting vehicles. An Offer Recovery Fee (ORF) will be assigned to NASPO MA 152 customer lines that take advantage of select quarterly offers and will be charged on the customer's bill if the line is disconnected before the end of the line term. It may also apply to other contracts based on ECPD profile. 5G and 5G UWB may not be available to all government customers. See terms and conditions of your contract. Pricing excludes taxes and fees and is subject to change without notice.
    Offer ends 6.30.2024.
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  • We can help you inspire great learning through technology solutions that address the needs of students and teachers.

  • You need a technology partner that helps students and teachers thrive with advanced digital solutions and services, a network you can rely on, and a focus on quality and value. Strengthen and modernize your infrastructure to provide new learning opportunities and achieve your vision of robust, engaging and effective learning experiences for all.

  • K-12

    We’re ready to help you create a foundation for digital learning, strengthen and modernize your infrastructure to enable network security and continuity of services, and provide the quality and value that helps keep you focused on your goals, today and in the future.

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  • Higher Education

    Provide richer learning and teaching opportunities, promote safety, and boost productivity with technology solutions for higher education. We can help you meet the holistic needs of students on or off campus and drive career readiness and lifelong learning while supporting digital inclusion initiatives so that all of your students can thrive.

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  • E-Rate

    Verizon provides many services that are eligible for E-Rate funding so you can make cost-effective choices that advance learning. As a leading technology and communications provider, Verizon can assist you as you navigate through the E-Rate process. Since 1997, we have been instrumental in helping thousands of schools and libraries with their technology needs.

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  • Students need change. Be ready to change with them.

    During uncertain times, you need to be able to provide students with learning experiences they can depend on. Verizon understands that inspired teaching and learning requires agility and flexibility, and  we’re ready to help you get started.


    Distance Learning

    With the right collaboration and communication tools, administrators can help teachers remain engaged and connected.

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    Continuity of Services

    We don’t have to be together to work together. At Verizon, we’re here. And we’re ready. We’re open 24/7 online with solutions and support to help you stay connected.

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  • Get tools to fill your
    lesson plan.

  • One Talk

    Stay connected, whether you're on school grounds or working from home, with one number that rings multiple compatible devices.

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  • LTE Business Internet

    Get wireless internet that’s reliable, flexible, easy to self-install—and available almost everywhere you need it.

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  • Mobile Device Management

    Effectively and efficiently manage your organization’s mobile devices while keeping your data safe.

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crowd analytics PS med

5G Edge Crowd Analytics

Help visitors navigate crowded university stadiums and other public spaces based on traffic-flow pattern analysis.2

accelerated access higher ed

5G Edge Accelerated Access

Cut down wait times and verify guest identities with this opt-in SaaS solution for venue and facility entrances.

The Power of Verizon 5G for Education

Transformative Learning for K12 & Higher Education

The Power of 5G for Education video highlights the exciting possibilities enabled by 5G. Through the innovative power of 5G, learning will never be the same. Imagine immersive learning, actionable insights, and next gen apps that will transform education for years to come.

Take our Digital Transformation Assessment.

Leverage our powerful tool to learn your organization’s stage of digital transformation. You’ll gain key insights and an action plan to help you reach the next level—and achieve your mission.*


    Paying the price: Ransomware in education

    Ransomware cost our education system $4 billion in 2022 – just for the downtime. Find out what’s making schools a top target, and get best practices for protecting your data.

    Read the white paper

  • 2023 Scoop News Group Cybersecurity Modernization Summit

    Why we still need to fix the basics in the Ransomware fight

    Last year saw more ransomware events than the prior five years combined. Watch this 12 minute conversation with Chris Novak, Managing Director of Verizon Cyber Security Consulting, as he discusses the ongoing challenge of cybersecurity, threat intelligence and protecting critical infrastructure and data with Jake Williams, VP, Content & Community, StateScoop and EdScoop.

Education resources and information

  • How Wireless Business Internet can help digital equity in education

    Access to technology is access to education. Students who cannot access reliable high-speed internet may not perform as well in school and are less likely to go to college.

      Read here
  • 2023 Mobile Security Index Public Sector spotlight

    Explore the most important insights your organization needs to help improve mobile security.

    Read the report
  • Does your school have these five critical security features?

    Without proper precautions, it can be easy for hackers to steal your school’s sensitive information.

      Read the article
  • Digitally transform campus venues to help improve student experiences

    Colleges and universities face fierce competition in attracting and retaining students. Verizon’s 5G Edge solutions can help build deeper connections to students and guests.

      Read the solutions brief

2024 Data Breach Investigations Report

This year, we analyzed a staggering 30,458 real-world security incidents. Download the DBIR to find out more about the cyber threats your organization might be up against.

  • Get more on security.

  • Check out security-specific resources and find solutions that can help educational organizations protect systems and data.

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    • Clinton Foundation and Verizon partner to promote student social impact innovation.

      This new partnership with the Clinton Global Initiative University program will connect college students with resources to help develop innovative technology solutions to social and environmental challenges while bringing more diversity into the next generation of innovators.

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    • Verizon expands education initiatives to provide distance learning resources.

      Verizon is partnering with school districts across the country to offer discounted connectivity to their students, providing resources to make tech-enabled learning more accessible and more enriching.


      Read about resources
    • Citizen Verizon: Taking responsibility for our shared future

      Learn how Citizen Verizon is planning to provide 10 million youths with digital skills training by 2030.


      Read more
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*Report results are based on self-reported information and are for assessment purposes only. Your actual data systems and information configurations and needs may differ from these results and report insights. You should not rely on this report in lieu of a professional assessment of your data transformation needs. Please contact your Verizon Account Representative for more information and details regarding your digital transformation assessment results.

2Solution is available to state and local government customers (i.e. customer paying with government funds) on a standalone agreement on commercial terms only and is only available in the following states: Arkansas, Hawaii, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Tennessee, Washington and Wyoming.

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