Department of Defense - Unique Customer Requirements

Department of Defense customers have certain procedures and requirements that are different from other WITS 3 GSA customers. The following identifies some of these differences. For more complete information provided by Integrated Infrastructure & Telecommunications Services (I2TS) for DARs, TSCOs, and end users, please see their Web Site at or contact your I2TS Account Manager.


WITS 3 CSC Fax Number

For customers faxing orders to the Verizon WITS 3 Consolidated Customer Service Center, a separate fax number has been established for DoD -- 202-776-0458.


Dialing Instructions

The dialing instructions for DoD customers have not changed. DoD's Dialing Plan and Feature Access Codes are the same as they were prior to the WITS2001 transition.

Dialing Instructions


WITS 3 Application Package

All DARs and TSCOs must complete the DoD WITS 3 Application Form to be able to (1) order products and services from the WITS 3 Contract, (2) attend Service@once training, and (3) activate Billing Account Codes (BACs) in GSA's Telecommunications Ordering and Pricing System (TOPS).

Fax completed Applications to the ITA Consolidated Customer Service Center at 703-693-7331. If you have questions or concerns, contact the ITA Consolidated Customer Service Center at 703-697-2193 and/or


Service@once Training

To order products and services via Service@once, all Designated Agency Representatives (DARs) and Telecommunications Service Control Officers (TSCOs) must complete a three-day training course. To register for a class, complete the DoD Service@once Training Registration Form or contact the Consolidated Customer Service Center at 703-697-2193.

As the agency funding point of contact, DARs will receive additional training on the third day of the Service@once class. All DARs must be trained and appointed by the Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) prior to performing DAR duties. See also DoD WITS 3 DAR Form.


Service@once Access

After attending the Service@once training, you can access the system via the link on the Service@once Web page. For additional support or information, please contact the ITA Consolidated Customer Service Center at 703-697-2193,


Transparent LAN Services (TLS)

All requests for TLS service must be provided to Verizon on a completed "WITS 3 TLS Customer Information Request Form." The attached files provide the Customer Implementation information, the Request Form and the Service Level Agreement (SLA) that is available to qualifying TLS customers. Please refer to them for:

  • Description of Service
  • Installation Process
  • Trouble Reporting and Maintenance Procedures
  • Trouble Reporting and Maintenance Procedures
  • Local TLS Service Level Agreement

WITS 3 TLS Customer Implementation Package (103K)

WITS 3 TLS Customer Information Request Form (36K)

WITS 3 TLS Service Level Agreement (51K)


Points of Contact

ITA Consolidated Customer Service Center (CCSC)
Phone: 703-697-2193
Fax: 703-693-7331
Web Site: