An Integrated, Network Based, Telecommunication Support Tool to Use Anytime and Anywhere

Verizon Enterprise Solutions offers solutions that help support your federal agency and enable you to oversee mission-critical telecommunications products and services. While providing a seamless process from ordering through billing, the @once solution for WITS 3 customers integrates a fully-automated ordering, ISDN and analog telephone ordering, provisioning and inventory system with a comprehensive billing system designed specifically for the way federal agencies work. Verizon’s @once WITS 3 solution delivers greater efficiency and flexibility to your agency. Our integrated solutions combine Verizon Service@onceSM with Invoice Viewer, a state-of-the-art consolidated billing offering.


The Breakthrough Solution for Federal Agencies Just got Better

For 20 years, Verizon Business has provided the federal government with cutting edge e-commerce telecommunication management solutions. Many of the capabilities provided by Verizon Business now have become requirements in many government RFPs. Verizon Business took the capabilities to which federal agencies have become accustomed under WITS2001 and added a new “Personalized Portal” as a front-end to the solution. This portal is a single point of access to view data, initiate reports, develop price quotes, and access both the Service@once and Invoice Viewer.

The new portal provides WITS 3 users with a “personalized” view of their most recent orders, trouble reports, price quotes, and generated reports. Users also will be able to customize the view of the data for each of the respective areas. Now, much of the Service@once data previously retrieved by reports is readily available and easier to retrieve.


Service@once: The Power to Manage Telecommunications Services From a Single Access Point

Verizon Business’ Service@once solution integrates the major functions and processes in telecommunications operations into a direct point of control for federal telecommunications managers. It offers agencies control over telecommunications management without the need for direct interface with a telco business office. WITS 3 users benefit from a centralized, commercially available service, priced per line or circuit, instead of having to rely upon costly customer-owned and -maintained systems. Service@once automatically assigns due dates, telephone numbers, circuit-IDs and cable and switching facilities, in addition to work distribution.

By re-engineering many of the labor intensive systems and processes, Service@once is not only one of the most advanced systems available, it is also cost effective.


Virtual Office, Virtual Business Hours

Service@once allows WITS 3 customers to place orders or check trouble status from the office, or any other location, at any time of the day or night. The added flexibility and system automation act together to help you control administrative costs and make Service@once very budget-friendly.

Service@once Access Applications: or fax 301-282-1778