• Overview

  • The Verizon Response Team supports our customers, the community and Local/State/Federal agencies across the country in good times and bad. Utilizing an all Hazards Approach, during a crisis, we deploy devices and network assets to first responders not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because it’s our responsibility to keep our communities connected. We fulfill our duty, so you can fulfill yours. Whether it's hurricanes, wildfires, tornados, derechos, pandemics, or large planned events, the Verizon Response Team is always on, and always ready. The team is available 24/7 to support public sector agencies and can be reached at 800-981-9558. 

    We’re here to provide you with the support you need to help increase situational awareness, make decisions, and respond effectively during an event. The Verizon Response Team is ready to support first responders, government agencies, nonprofit organizations and the community to help them stay connected during emergencies. The Verizon Response Team is also available to help public sector agencies prepare for future events, and provide recommendations for disaster response improvements.

Verizon Response Team Hotline:

When there is an emergency, the Verizon Response Team is available 24/7 to provide emergency assistance to government agencies, emergency responders, nonprofits and communities.


  • Verizon Response Team in Action

    Enabling Critical Communications in Times of Crisis

  • Service Support Model

  • Our highly-trained Verizon Response Team is committed to deliver superior service 24/7 to assist our customers during emergency situations. 

    We continue to refine our response and recovery capabilities due to the increasing variety of services we provide and the ever-changing level of potential threats. Whether it’s enabling mission-critical communications, solving complex network challenges, or providing recovery assets for public safety agencies, the Verizon Response Team is continually here to help.  

  • Prepare

    • Network designed for redundancy and backup power
    • Buildings designed for all hazards
    • Joint training with Public Sector agencies
    • Response readiness customer engagements
  • Respond

    • First Responder and Public Sector support
    • Trained emergency operation center integration
    • Wireless network asset deployment
    • Mission critical device/solution deployment
  • Recover

    • Public Safety communications support
    • Evacuation & shelter support
    • Wireless charging and internet station deployment
    • Community support
  • Mitigate

    • Network and building risk assessments and mediation
    • Predictive analytics, Machine Learning, and AI analytics
    • Post-event debrief with emergency management
    • Outreach, collaboration, partnership with Public Safety agencies
  • Public Sector Support

  • Pandemic response:

  • Assisting with enhancing or creating communications for COVID-19 hospitals, testing sites, PPE distribution centers, and contact tracing field offices serving federal, state, county, municipal and DoD agencies. 

    Providing National Vaccination Center support.

  • vrt covid 19 field hospital 600x400
  • 2020 support stats:

    • Conducted 450 engagements and deployed more than 2,600 devices across 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. in 2020.
    • Verizon Response Team provided services and support across 40 states and the District of Columbia, activating for the first time.

    2021 YTD support stats:

    • Engagements: 300+
    • Deployments: 160+
    • Solutions: 1,400+
    • States: 30+
    • Communities: 140+
  • Wildfire response:

  • Responded to more than 100 wildfires events in 11 states.

  • vrt wildfire response 600x400
  • 2020 support stats:

    • Responded to more than 100 wildfire events in communities and remote locations.
    • Over 300 mission-critical engagements and deployed more than 1,800 devices during 2020.

    2021 YTD support stats:

    • Engagements: 320+
    • Deployments: 300+
    • Solutions: 1,800+
    • States: 15+
    • Communities: 130+
  • Storm response:

  • Supporting the most active Atlantic hurricane season to date in 2020.

  • Verizon Response Team drone and network equipment
  • 2020 support stats:

    • 31 named hurricanes came through the Atlantic.
    • 8 storms: Cristobal, Douglas, Hana, Isaias, Laura, Sally, Delta, Zeta, and Eta impacting 18 states.
    • 250+ engagements and more than 1,600 devices deployed.
    • Midwest derecho and Michigan Dam failure.


    2021 YTD support stats:

    • Engagements: 110+
    • Deployments: 70+
    • Solutions: 1100+
    • States 10+

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  • Events

  • Webinar

    Verizon Frontline Series

  • Miramar - A Proving Ground for 5G

    Held on November 3, 2021

    Can 5G-enabled technology help make military operations safer, smarter and more efficient? Find out during our upcoming webinar on the Verizon 5G test lab at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. 

    Host Cory Davis will discuss the Verizon 5G test lab at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar with Major Steven Harvey and Verizon 5G Labs Program Manager Dominic Bonaduce.  They'll talk about: 

    • Tests that have already been done with 5G, including battlefield simulation and situational awareness 
    • What may be on the horizon, such as perimeter monitoring and security, drone detection, and intelligent video for base access 5G-powered solutions that could benefit other military settings, such as firearm protection and automated entry processes
    On Demand

Host & guests speakers.

  • Host

    Cory Davis

    Director, Verizon Response and Public Safety Operations

    Cory has over 16 years of advanced wireless technology and public safety leadership experience. Currently, he serves as the national Director for Verizon Response and Public Safety Operations at Verizon. His team is partnering with public safety and public sector agencies nationwide to help them stay connected, innovate, plan for the future, mitigate pain points, and prepare for times of crisis, events, and emergencies across the United States.

  • Guest Speaker

    Major Steven Harvey

    NavalX SoCal Tech Bridge, Director

    Major Steven Harvey is the Director of the NavalX SoCal Tech Bridge. His passion is tapping into the creativity of the Naval workforce to identify opportunities to create strategic partnerships between government, industry, and academia. He believes that by fostering a collaborative market of ideas around commercial dual use technologies, the Naval Force can accelerate the adoption of new products and practices. Steve earned an M.S. in Information Technology Management from the Naval Postgraduate School and is a graduate of the Centers for Adaptive Warfighting Military Scrum Master and Warfighter Centered Design courses.

  • Guest Speaker

    Dominic Bonaduce

    Program Manager for 5G Labs, Verizon

    Dominic Bonaduce is the Program Manager for 5G Labs in Washington, DC where he focuses on new and emerging technologies in the public sector ranging from autonomous vehicles to security. Prior to his time at Verizon, he was the Director of Operations at the United States Department of Transportation in the Office of the Secretary. An avid outdoorsman, you can most often find him on the trail, running and cycling, but even sometimes behind the gaming controller.

  • On Demand

  • photo of Cory Davis

    NJ Public Safety Outreach Webinar

    With Cory Davis, Director, Verizon Response & Public Safety Operations

    Held on July 22, 2021

    On Demand
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