Our Commitment to Public Safety

We run to a crisis, not away.

It's the network that matters most.

When first responders have an urgent need for reliable, secure communications, it’s the network that matters most. For decades, we’ve supported our public safety partners by investing billions of dollars in our nationwide networks, providing reliable communications for first responders – when and where they need it. Since 2000, we’ve invested $145 billion in our network. We remain committed to providing best-in-class service.

Putting first responders first. We deliver our services in an open and non-proprietary manner, enabling first responders to communicate with other first responders, even when they’re not on the same network.

The network that connects. Our 4G network covers 99% of the US population. In fact, our 4G LTE network has a 450,000 square-mile advantage over its closest competitor. Our public safety private core provides several key features for first responders, including traffic segmentation, priority and preemption, improved security, and enhanced service management and control. Our LTE in Rural America (LRA) program provides public safety agencies in rural areas with access to the same advance 4G LTE services. We also have network deployables across the nation that we can get up and running on short notice during times of crisis.

Don’t take our word for it. RootMetrics recently ranked Verizon number one for a record eleventh consecutive testing period. We were unbeaten in every management category (overall performance, reliability, speed, data, call and text).1

Preparing for tomorrow today. We’re preparing for tomorrow’s even faster and more powerful networks, including 5G technology, which will take first-responder communications technologies to a new level. Our 5G service will offer significantly faster data connection speeds to enable better responsiveness and video quality for the public safety community. We are confident that 5G will also be the foundation for more efficient, low-maintenance IoT devices, smarter cities, more efficient energy grids, and safer transportation.

Rankings based on the RootMetrics® U.S. National RootScore® Report: 2H 2018. Tested with best commercially available smartphones on four national mobile  networks across all available network types. Your experiences may vary. The RootMetrics award is not an endorsement of Verizon. Visit www.rootmetrics.com for more details.

During Hurricane Harvey, 98 percent of our network remained operational.

We’ve earned the trust of our public safety partners by providing mission-critical responses to help agencies deliver when it matters most.

Our commitment to public safety never wavers.

Learn how we responded to natural disasters and kept first responders, government agencies, and customers connected.


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