Know your security risks
and thrive.

Prosper in today’s unpredictable, demanding environment with an accurate picture of your security weaknesses and strengths.

Outpace today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape.

Knowledge can be your greatest asset when it comes to protecting and driving your organization’s success. A solid understanding of security gaps and vulnerabilities helps provide the foundation for enhancing defense, mitigation and response plans.

Understand your breach landscape.

Assess how much risk you actually face and what threats to watch for.

Know your risk and compliance posture.

Recognize your unique security threats, compliance needs and attack surface.

Maximize your effectiveness.

Prioritize security efforts based on most likely threats and impacts.

Proactively prepare.

Improve your visibility, breach detection and response capabilities.

Achieve your goals.

Assess and identify threats to your business.

Organizations of every size and industry are at risk of cyberattacks. That drives the growing need to understand their external and internal threats, risks, vulnerabilities, compliance needs and security postures. In addition to the unique threats that large public sector agencies face, they often have to deal with specific regulatory demands. And all industries have to go to great lengths to keep personal information and proprietary data out of reach of bad actors.

Learn how to identify vulnerabilities and compliance needs, get an objective posture review and navigate the complexities of meeting executive security requirements.

See how our products can help.

Cyber Risk Management

Build an evidence-based cyber-risk management program with our range of risk assessment services.

Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services

Navigate security and compliance requirements with a broad range of assessments and advisory services to help you identify potential weaknesses and compliance gaps.

Cybersecurity Assessment (CSA)

Identify security risks and threats before they can seriously harm your organization.

Cyber Risk Monitoring

Fight cyberthreats more effectively and efficiently with a 360-degree view of your security posture.

Threat intelligence services

Get unparalleled visibility and insight into the evolving threat landscape to identify threats early and stop them faster.

Verizon Threat Research Advisory Center

Enhance your cyber resiliency with the help of our incident response experts.

Prepare and plan against threats.

Whether you work for a small business or a large enterprise, a school or a government agency, you need to prepare for cyberthreats. No business, institution or agency is immune from being targeted. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. However, when you get your response plan right, it can help you minimize damage and recover quickly when breaches occur.

Discover if your incident response plan is up to par.

See how our products can help.

Incident Response Planning

Verizon’s Incident Response Planning helps you develop the detection technologies, systems and handling processes you need when responding to an event.

Rapid Response Retainer

Get proactive incident response customized to your cyber-risk profile from our dedicated team of experts.

Device Policy Configuration and Management

This managed service offers peace of mind through expert device policy configuration and network configuration management.

Help detect, respond to and mitigate threats.

Rapid detection and response play major roles in minimizing the impacts of a breach. But network complexity and insufficient internal security resources and personnel can significantly delay your ability to detect, respond and mitigate. That’s why many organizations are moving to 24/7 managed detection and response services that combine advanced technologies with human expertise. Such services can collect and maintain actionable intelligence, identify and flag major security incidents, and quickly respond to incidents that may pose a threat to your organization.

Learn what to look for in a managed detection and response service provider.

See how our products can help.

Managed Detection and Response Services

Help take your security program to the next level by quickly identifying and responding to security incidents.

Data Breach & Cyber Incident Investigation

When time is of the essence, enlist the resources and expertise required to control the damage.

Cyber Security Incident Response Team Services

Respond quickly to cyberattacks by enhancing your incident management resources with our team of experts.

Network Detection and Response

Perform near real-time and retrospective threat detection and visualization with our full packet capture solution delivered from the cloud.

Advanced Security Operations Center (SOC) Services

Help secure your enterprise with Verizon Professional Services experts that can provide you with a dedicated, proactive threat response.

Network Threat Advanced Analytics

Help detect malicious anomalies in your internet traffic and catch cybersecurity threats before they seriously impact your network.

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Cyber Security Consulting Services

Verizon Business Cyber Security Consulting Services can help you create cost-efficient and effective threat defenses through its unified set of cybersecurity advisory services, customized risk assessments, breach simulations and compliance reviews.

Explore other solutions to help you understand your risks.

Enact safeguards from core to edge.

Layer security into all your new connections and technologies.

Create dynamic small business security.

Leverage solutions and expertise customized to fit your size and keep you nimble.

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