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Registrations and Entitlements

  1. Who can I talk to about general entitlements?
  2. How do I obtain an EIS user ID and password?

    There are several methods:
    • Your agency Primary Contact can create your EIS account within the Verizon Enterprise Center portal.
    • Obtain an Invitation code from your Primary Contact, Verizon Service Manager or the Verizon EIS User Administrative Group.  With an Invitation code, you can Self-register in the Verizon Enterprise Center portal.
    • Contact your Verizon Account Team. Your account team can work with your Primary Contact to register you for access.

  3. I logged into the Verizon Enterprise Center, but I am not able to access any of the tools. Why?
    • You may have registered as a default user, without entitlements to accounts or portal tools.  Contact your agency Primary Contact.  They can update your account within the Verizon Enterprise Center.

  4. How do I change my password?
    • From within the Verizon Enterprise Center, in the upper right corner, click your name, click My Profile, and click Change Password.  You will need to request a One Time Passcode for security verification.  Enter the One Time Passcode and the change password screen displays.  Enter your new password and click Submit.
    • From the Verizon Enterprise Center sign-in page, click Forgot Password.  Enter the information and click Validate.  Follow the on-screen prompts to answer a secret question and for the One Time Passcode, in order to change your password.

  5. Can I register for the EIS Verizon Enterprise Center offline?
    • Yes, you can register for the Verizon Enterprise Center offline and request entitlements to the tools. Your Agency Primary Contact must authorize your access on a Verizon EIS CPNI (Customer Proprietary Network Information form). The Primary Contact must submit the form to EIS-Registration@verizon.com for processing.  Once the entitlements have been granted, you will receive an Invitational email to activate your account.

  6. Will I be charged for using the Verizon Enterprise Center?
    • Access to the Verizon Enterprise Center is free of charge.

  7. As an agency Primary Contact, when do I need to update user ID information?
    • Whenever a user’s name or email address changes or when a user no longer needs access to the portal, an updated CPNI form must be submitted to the Verizon EIS User Admin Group (UAG at EIS-registration@verizon.com).


EIS Training

  1. Does Verizon offer training for the Verizon Enterprise Center for EIS?
    • Yes.  From within the Verizon Enterprise Center click Support and then Training or go directly to https://customertraining.verizon.com.  Create a Training ID, select EIS for the Group.  Once you have signed in, you will have access to register for online training classes, tutorials and user guides.

  2. How do I register for training?
    1. Go to Customer Training and Documentation, https://customertraining.verizon.com
    2. Click Sign in (Register if you don’t already have an ID and Password).
    3. Click the Library.
    4. Select EIS Online or Classroom training to review the offerings.
    5. Click on the title of the course.
    6. On the Sessions tab, click Enroll for the desired date/time.

    If you have questions regarding EIS training, contact EIS-Training@Verizon.com at your convenience.

  3. How do I contact someone about training options?
  4. Is there a charge for the training?
    • Verizon will provide training on EIS as described in RFP Section G.10.1 and within the Customer Training Plan at no additional cost to Government customers, as part of the basic service. An agency may request additional (specialized) training in a TO. This additional specialized training may include charges under the appropriate Labor Category or via the Service Related Labor TUC and will be negotiated under individual Task Orders. Training may include courseware development and instruction of customer personnel.

  5. What is the cancellation policy?
    • Students must cancel their scheduled onsite training up to 5 business days in advance. Students can cancel an online class up to 1 business day in advance.

  6. What is the penalty if a class is cancelled within the 5 business days?
    • If there is a waitlist, the training seat will be given to someone on the waitlist and thus there will be no penalty to the Government. If there is no waitlist, the Agency must provide an alternate to attend the training. If no alternate is available to attend the training, then Verizon will count the empty seat against their maximum number of free attendees for classroom training.

  7. How often will the training web site be updated with new classes?
    • New classes will be posted as soon as available to the training web site.



  1. How do I contact my Verizon Account Team?
    • From within the Verizon Enterprise Center click Support, click View Account Team, select your agency from the pick list and click Search.

  2. Who do I contact with questions about the registration process?
  3. How do I submit a question via email?
  4. I have question about how to use the Verizon Enterprise Center tools that I have access to, where can I go for assistance?

    You have several options:

  5. Who do I contact to escalate an existing ETMS trouble ticket?
    • The ETMS ticket number.
    • The impacts to your business.
    • The names/groups you already worked with on the issue.

    Customers can request escalation to any level at any time should they feel the need to do so.  When escalating a ticket, please have the following information available:

    Use the following numbers to engage the respective levels of management on a 24x7 basis:
    888-212-0139 or 919-378-6390