Our Value

Verizon delivers value to the federal government.

EIS provides the next generation of services to allow agencies to continue to meet their evolving, critical information technology needs. Agencies benefit from Verizon’s decades of experience in providing secure, comprehensive communications solutions to the federal government.

Agencies turn to Verizon for our:

  1. Complete portfolio of services. Verizon delivers a comprehensive suite of EIS services to agencies through our global scope and scale. Our integrated portfolio of services is tailored to meet federal requirements, and includes intelligent networking, managed services, unified communications, wireless and security services.
  2. Low risk transition options. With decades of experience transitioning contracts of similar size and scope, Verizon will utilize best practices and lessons learned to support agencies' unique requirements and transition them to EIS quickly and efficiently. Verizon has patented and award winning automation in place to minimize the impact of transition for our Federal customers.
  3. Enhanced ease of use. From FTS2001 to Networx and WITS 3, Verizon has developed a keen understanding of agency requirements and diverse procurement practices. We will deliver our next generation services via our premier Business Support System designed to meet the specific needs of our federal agency customers.
  4. Cost competitiveness. Verizon will deliver cost competitive services to agencies through EIS. We will leverage our corporate buying power and our investments to offer new technologies to the federal government, utilizing best practices and automation to streamline services and control costs.
  5. Experienced team. With decades of experience serving the federal government, our track record and know-how enable us to transition agencies to EIS quickly and with minimal risk. We understand what agencies need and we will deliver the next generation mission-enabling services to address those needs.

Verizon’s value proposition to agencies

All EIS awardees are not created equal…




  • Decades of experience serving the federal government.
  • Verizon has invested in a worldwide suite of applications that provide agencies with the critical capabilities necessary to continue on their IT modernization journey.



  • Network modernization, full lifecycle communications integration, mobility, secure collaboration, managed security services.
  • Technology partner ecosystem of small/large companies with extensive federal experience.

Global Reach


  • Verizon’s services have extensive reach, securing 280,000 connections globally.
  • Over 150 million wireless connections and over 2.56 million square miles of LTE wireless network coverage in the U.S.

Ease of Use



  • With decades of federal contract experience, Verizon has a solid understanding of agency solution requirements and diverse procurement practices.
  • Enhanced user experiences, portals, accurate data and flexible reporting.