Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team

We provide on-demand emergency assistance to government agencies, first responders, frontline workers and communities—to help maintain mission-critical communications. Read the fact sheet.

For urgent service requests, call the VFCRT Hotline:


prepare frontline d 596x455

Prepare for any situation


Network redundancy and backup power to help keep you connected in disasters


Network buildings designed to withstand extreme conditions and ensure secure communications


Joint training with public sector agencies to help prepare organizations for potential future events*


24/7 response-readiness to engage with customers, agencies and communities whenever and wherever needed


*We provide joint training exercises for public safety, military and other agencies in areas that emulate the types of emergencies in which responders may need to operate and respond.

First responders on scene

Be ready to respond


First responder and public sector support to enable communications, connectivity and continuity of operations

Mobile command centers

Makeshift command centers so multiple agencies can connect, share information, collaborate and dispatch repair teams

Network solutions

Enhancement of wireless access to ensure strong cellular voice and data connections

Backup equipment

Deployment of Verizon Frontline mission-critical voice and data solutions, from mobile hotspots to Satellite Picocells on Trailers (SPOTs)

recoveryhelp frontline d 596x455

Get post-disaster recovery help

Situational awareness

Verizon Frontline connectivity solutions for Public Safety, such as cell phone distribution, cell sites, temporary satellite links and drones to assist with situational awareness during an event

Shelter support

Support of displaced communities, supplying Wi-Fi access and charging stations to emergency shelters in an evacuation

mitigateemergency frontline d 596x455

Mitigate potential emergencies


Network and building risk assessments and after-action report collaboration regarding mission-critical communications


Predictive analytics, machine learning and AI analytics of network assets and equipment

Applied learning

Post-event debriefs with emergency managers to learn how crisis response communications can be improved


Outreach, collaboration and partnership with public safety agencies in preparation for no-notice and future events

More to explore

From preparation to response, we can help you make your mission happen.

Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team in action

Enter the 360 experience to see for yourself how emergency personnel use technology to save lives during a storm.


Verizon Frontline Innovation Program

Join the first-of-its-kind innovation incubator dedicated to creating 5G-enabled solutions for first responders and those supporting them.


Verizon First Responder Benefits Program

First responders can use two priority services for their personal wireless devices, at no additional cost.


Committed to public safety

We provided assistance across the U.S. with critical communications in the face of wildfires, hurricanes and storms.

The stats shown here are from 2023.


Responses in all 50 states and Washington D.C.


Network and device solutions delivered


Agencies served with critical communications support

Response assets

Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response (THOR)

Explore our rapid response command center that can deploy a standalone mobile network for first responders under almost any conditions. Step inside.

Verizon Rapid Response Connectivity Unit

This first-of-its-kind deployable asset provides satellite backhaul in situations where cellular coverage is poor, nonexistent or required for a dedicated group. It helps provide first responders with mission-critical connectivity under nearly any conditions.


Fact Sheet

Who we are

Discover how the Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team works with local emergency officials to help first responders stay connected. For urgent service requests, call the VFCRT Hotline at 800-981-9558.

Jun 16, 2021 ,  5 min read

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Emergency Resource Center

Learn how the Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team is ready 24/7 to support first responders.

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Fact Sheet

Request communication assets and resources

Get details on how to request support from the Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team.

Jun 16, 2021,  1 min read

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Supporting a National Guard training exercise

We completed a deployment in support of Homeland Defender 23, a four-day training exercise with 500+ participants.

Explore white paper

First responder storm preparation services

We stand ready to help serve Public Safety with mission-critical 5G-enabled solutions during severe weather events.

Sep 1, 2023,  3 min read

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