Extend your small business reach.

Even the smallest organization can have a large impact with the right tools. Drive increased opportunities with internet and networking scaled to your size so you don’t break the bank. 

Innovation comes in all shapes and sizes.

Leverage advanced network solutions that can help give you the reach of global organizations even without the big IT staff.

Improve outcomes

Capitalize on opportunities without blowing the budget. 

Bigger experiences

Implement and manage new technology without a large IT staff.

Informed growth

Leverage data to intelligently improve processes and offerings.

Reliable security

Help protect your assets, data and customers with robust, sophisticated security.

Achieve your goals.

Innovate and grow at the right scale to meet your customers’ needs.


Use products and services specifically designed to help create digital-ready infrastructures at a smaller scale. Your organization can support the types of personalized and immersive experience customers and constituents want while still staying within budget.

See how our products can help.

Internet Dedicated Services

Get flexible connectivity with bandwidth dedicated to your organization at scalable speeds.

LTE Business Internet

Power your small to medium-sized business, mobile locations and temporary sites with speed, agility and flexibility.

Fios Business Internet

Use a fast, reliable fiber-optic connection that meets your demands for high-volume streaming, video conferencing and apps.

Private IP

Build a virtual private network foundation to support your digital transformation, connect multiple locations, optimize traffic and gain deeper data-management insights. 

Stay agile and think on your feet.

Your size doesn’t limit your goals. Leverage advanced networking solutions and enable technologies like 5G and artificial intelligence so you can stay nimble and pivot to remain competitive.

See how our products can help.

Software Defined Secure Branch

Extend your reach and simplify network management without extra IT resources.

Virtual Network Services

Easily spin up and spin down applications and resources on demand to align with business priorities.


Reliably connect every aspect of your business  while managing costs and supporting business continuity.

Business Digital Voice

Respond to customers more quickly and manage calls on desk phones or mobile apps through a secure, cloud-based Voice over IP (VoIP) connection.

5G Business Internet

Bring the power of 5G Ultra Wideband to your business and connect your tablets, phones, points of sale and more on an ultrafast wireless network.

Build robust security into all aspects of your organization.

Smaller organizations now have access to the same level of security protections that larger ones do. Implement tools and services that can help you strengthen cybersecurity, enhance customer data privacy and guard end-to-end operations.

See how our products can help.

Business Internet Secure

Access the cybersecurity protections you need for your wireless or Fios network.

Business Mobile Secure

Stay vigilant against hackers and cyberattacks with a bundle of easy-to-use mobile device security tools. 

Total Mobile Protection for Business

Cover your devices in case of loss, theft, damage and post-warranty defects so your business can keep running .


Sign up for 24/7, on-demand access to tech experts who can help you with virtually any software, hardware or cloud issue.

TechTeam support exclusions apply. Visit verizon.com/support/techteam-legal/ for details. 

Verizon Connect

Manage workers on the go with advanced software solutions that help improve operations and increase productivity.

Contact Center Hub

Make it easier for customers to engage with you from any device, anytime and virtually anywhere. 

woman looking at computer monitor

Our team of network experts help you stay focused on work.

Get on-call expertise from hardware to software to cloud to help you keep your business running.

Explore other infrastructure solutions.

Gain a competitive edge.

Leverage digital-ready infrastructures to reimagine personalized experiences.

Upgrade your IT infrastructure.

Enhance cloud, virtualization and other advanced network architecture to help power the innovations you want to see come to life.

Build resiliency into everything.

Protect operations while seamlessly adjusting to changing circumstances with little to no interruption.

Let's get started.

  • 5G access requires a 5G-capable device in a 5G coverage area.