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Sacramento and Verizon partner to bring leading-edge technology to the community.

Smart city solutions aren't just about technology.

The city of Sacramento is on the leading edge of generating big ideas. Ideas that create a safer, smarter, more connected city using advanced technology to address Sacramento’s priorities in the community, such as public safety, education and inclusive economic development, making it a great place to live and visit.

As residents of the Sacramento area, you’ve probably heard about the city’s partnership with Verizon. Over the short term, these solutions will enable services like free Wi-Fi connectivity in parks, traffic management solutions that will help improve traffic and intersection safety solutions to help the city reduce fatalities and achieve its Vision Zero goals. Vision Zero is a traffic safety philosophy that views vehicle collisions as preventable incidents rather than accidents. In addition, Sacramento is among the first cities in the U.S. to provide broadband internet service to homes in select areas using 5G technology.

  • [This partnership] will ensure that everyone who lives here, or spends time here, can experience the benefits of a safer, more mobile and more sustainable city.

    — Mayor Darrell Steinberg,
    City of Sacramento

What does Sacramento’s partnership with Verizon mean for you?

The goal in partnering with Verizon is to provide solutions that help improve the quality of life for the city’s residents, businesses and visitors and continue to make Sacramento a great place to live and play. These solutions will help the city increase public safety, support economic development, create jobs, bolster educational opportunities for area youth and promote digital equality.

Here are just a few examples:

5G Home and Business is here.

Verizon chose Sacramento to be one of the first cities for fixed broadband internet service** empowered by its 5G technology. Take advantage of ultrafast speeds and performance like never before.

Frequently Asked Questions

What information do smart-traffic solutions collect? +

Verizon traffic solutions provide population movement analytics and collect general, anonymized data, such as the volume of vehicles that travel throughout the region, origin and destination analysis, and data related to interactions among motorists, pedestrians and cyclists. These solutions are designed to protect privacy by only collecting the minimal necessary data needed to report on aggregate, anonymized behavior (no personally identifiable information). Only minimized sensor data gets transmitted to the cloud. To learn more about our traffic and analytics solutions, click here

What about data security for smart-traffic solutions? +

Verizon is focused on delivering data security to the people of Sacramento, from data collection and transmission to storage and access. For example, Verizon uses robust, industry-standard encryption technology.

In addition, Verizon works with third-party companies to help generate best practices for data security. These include conducting network penetration tests and regular internal security reviews, which help ensure practices stay current and evolve according to industry standards. 

How will privacy be handled? +

Privacy has been a key consideration in the partnership from its very beginning. Going forward, privacy will continue to be critical, with transparency and accountability top of mind.  

Verizon has adopted five principles that help protect privacy for Sacramento citizens:

  1. Privacy by design. The solutions used in this partnership are designed in such a way that only anonymized data can be forwarded to the cloud
  2. Data minimization. Only the minimum required data fields are collected/processed to avoid collecting, sharing, or storing personal information.
  3. Robust security. Built-in security measures play both preventive and remedial roles to help maintain data security
  4. Transparency. Verizon is committed to communicating privacy policies in a straightforward way and are open to feedback about our policies
  5. Accountability. Verizon also regularly conducts Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) to evaluate applications in our cloud platforms.
Where is 5G service available? +

The Verizon 5G Home internet service is currently available in limited areas in and around Sacramento. If 5G Home is not currently available in your location, you can sign up to receive notification when we add the service in more neighborhoods. Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband wireless service is not yet available for smartphones.

What are the effects of 5G on health? +

Most research groups, including the American Cancer Society and other health and regulatory authorities, do not believe that cell phone towers pose health risks under ordinary conditions.

All equipment used for 5G must comply with federal safety standards. Those standards have wide safety margins and are designed to protect everyone, including children. Everyday exposure to the radio frequency energy from 5G small cells is well within those safety limits, and is comparable to exposure from products such as baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers and Bluetooth® devices. Get the details at: https://www.wirelesshealthfacts.com/

  • * Scheduled to go live 2019–2020

    ** Only 5G fixed internet service is available in the Sacramento area. 5G wireless service for smartphones is not yet available.

    *** Not available in all Sacramento areas. Check your location to see when it will be available.

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