Prime Biller Extended Edition (PBEE)

PBEE: Invoice Viewer

As part of our integrated telemanagement solutions, Verizon provides a comprehensive bill itemizing WITS 3 telecommunications charges, including the consolidation of telecommunications services from multiple vendors. Federal telecommunications managers responsible for multiple departments and agencies can control the staffing expenses associated with validating and preparing end-user bills.

Easy to Use, Yet Secure

Invoice Viewer is both easy to use and secure. Protection of your data is of vital importance, and strict security safeguards have been included to help achieve this protection. Levels of user access govern what data may be viewed and which functions may be performed.

Invoice Viewer Capabilities


  • Consolidated Billing System - A single, consolidated telecommunications bill.
  • Advanced Feature Flexibility - Adaptable to billing requirements of specific contract requirements; supports summary billing, multiple accounts, accepts various payment types; allows customers to choose invoice media, including paper, CD-ROM and/or electronic tape; is Internet-accessible.
  • Detailed Information - Invoices with sufficient information on actual usage and other charges, credits and debits to permit billing reconciliation; supports customer verification of billing from Service@once records.

Ordering and Billing Fact Sheet