WITS 3 Training


Verizon will deliver WITS 3 training through its WITS 3 Program Management Organization (PMO). Training sessions are designed to provide a full range of training for all levels of government personnel.


Verizon will provide customer training to the following groups:

  • Contracting Officer's Technical Representatives (COTRs) and Contracting Officer's Representatives (CORs)
  • Designated Agency Representatives (DARs)
  • End-users of WITS 3 services
  • Government trainers
  • Government executives

In general, all course curriculums will be designed to familiarize participants with the key elements and architecture of WITS 3. Training will be provided as part of the basic service when a WITS 3 service or feature is being provided to a site for the first time, when a new service is being introduced, or when a major upgrade is being implemented.

Course descriptions are available in Chapter 4 of the Client's Guide.


For a display of scheduled classes for the current year, see the Service@once Calendar.


To register for a class, see the Service@once Training Request Form.