WITS 3 Announcements

February 28, 2023
Notice of Intent to Extend

  1. In order to extend this contract, GSA has already invoked the terms and conditions of FAR 52.217-8, “Option to Extend Services” clause for a period of six (6) months (01 June 2023 - 30 Nov 2023). 
  2. Second, prior to completion of the Option to Extend Services period, GSA will invoke the terms and conditions of Section H.34 of the contract, “Continuity of Services” (CoS) for a period of twenty-four (24) months (01 Dec 2023 - 30 Nov 2025). 
  3. Third, prior to the completion of the Section H.6 term, GSA will invoke the terms and conditions of FAR 52.237-3 “Continuity of Services for a period of 90 days (01 Dec 2025 - 28 Feb 2026). 
  4. Finally, prior to completion of the FAR 52.237-3 Continuity of Services period, the government will work with Verizon Federal, Inc. to extend the contract for three (3) additional months, through 31 May 2026, per a Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition (JOFOC) and a supplemental agreement. View notice


February 9, 2023
Contract Extension
The WITS 3 contract is modified to invoke FAR Clause 52.217-8, Option to Extend Services for a period of 6 months. CLIN pricing will be extended in order to extend the WITS 3 contract by an additional period of 6 months from the current contract end date of 05/31/2023 to 11/30/2023. Please note the mod is not effective until 06/01/2023. View modification


April 6, 2022
Contract Extension
The WITS 3 contract is hereby modified to exercise Option Year 2 to extend the term of subject contract, effective 06/01/2022 through 05/31/2023.  View amendment


May 4, 2021
Contract Extension
The WITS 3 contract is modified to exercise Extension 2 Option Period 1 to extend the term, effective 06/01/2021 through 05/31/2022 (12 months) in accordance with the aforementioned contract clause. View amendment


May 18, 2020
GSA Update: Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) Transition

Learn More


February 20, 2020
Three-Year Contract Extension

GSA accepted an extension for the period of performance to three (3) years and one (1) day through 31 May 2023. View modification


February 9, 2018
Effective February 14, 2018, Verizon Implements Two-Factor Authentication to Enforce Additional Security
A one-time passcode will be sent to you each time you login into the WITS 3 Portal.


September 18, 2017
WebEx® for Government is now Available on WITS 3


July 7, 2017
Virtual Communications Express for Government is now Available on WITS 3


May 24, 2017
Verizon Named Treasury Department’s 2016 Large Business Contractor of the Year
Recognized for driving 53 percent of WITS 3 subcontracting opportunities to small and disadvantaged businesses.


November 28, 2016
Portal URL update and other important changes
On the weekend of December 9th, the Service@once Portal URL and portal presentation will be changing. The current URL https://wits3portal.verizonbusiness.com will be replaced with https://wits3portal.verizon.com. Once the migration takes place, please bookmark the new URL location.


May 30, 2016
Verizon reaches tentative agreements with unions representing wireline employees
Employees to return to work June 1; Company achieves significant cost savings in healthcare and benefits in other areas. 


April 13, 2016
Verizon continues to serve its customers during the union strike
As you may know, Verizon’s contracts with CWA and IBEW in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic expired on August 1, 2015. We have been in negotiations with these unions for nearly a year discussing a variety of issues. On Wednesday, April 13 at 6 a.m., the unions decided to strike. 

Verizon is prepared to serve our customers. We have trained thousands of non-union Verizon employees to carry out virtually every job function handled by our represented workforce – from making repairs on poles to responding to inquiries in our call centers. Additionally we have made other arrangements to provide sufficient coverage to handle day-to-day operations for all our customers. We plan to continue providing the excellent service that WITS 3, and all our customers, currently receives. Further updates will be provided on this website and through your respective Account teams on the progress of the negotiations.


December 21, 2015
Verizon Voicemail System Upgrade
This notification is to inform you of the upcoming Verizon Voicemail System Upgrade on all WITS 3 contract voicemail boxes starting in January 2016.


September 10, 2015
Four-Year Contract Extension Approval
GSA formally confirms the acceptance of the WITS 3 contract extension terms with Verizon, for 4 more years.


June 23, 2015
GSA Notice to Proceed: Four-Year Contract Extension
GSA has determined it is in the public interest to extend the WITS 3 contract and has approved a four-year extension.


April 28, 2014
Technology Upgrade Initiative: Delivering New Business Value to You
You may have received a notification by mail regarding the retirement of certain Verizon services. The letter contains some detailed language to comply with Federal Communications Commission requirements. We want to follow up on that notification to explain what this product retirement means for your business, what you can expect as part of the process, and how we can help you pursue new opportunities as a result.


September 17, 2013
WITS 3 Billing Change
As part of our ongoing effort to simplify and standardize our processes, Verizon will be migrating its Bill@once billing system to Prime Biller Extended Edition (PBEE). This migration is being planned to coincide with the end of the Government’s fiscal year, and will be effective October 1, 2013. 


September 16, 2013
Missing Verizon WITS 3 TOPS Bills for July 2013
The FAS Billing Help Desk has been made aware of an issue where some WITS bills are missing on the July E*Bill.


April 12, 2013
WITS 3 Tax and Surcharge Change
Pursuant to GSA Modification #AS507 effective February 20, 2013 Verizon Federal Inc. (Verizon) incorporated additional taxes and surcharges into the WITS 3 contract.


January 28, 2013
Service@once Order Processing Update
Effective January 28, 2013, any incomplete orders placed in Service@once that remain in an open status with no associated products/services or without appropriate authorization will be cancelled after 30 days. This effort will help ensure that complete service orders are entered in Service@once in a timely manner. Questions regarding service orders can be directed to the WITS 3 Customer Service Center (CSC) at 1-800-381-3444.


November 29, 2012
Technology Upgrade Initiative: Delivering New Business Value to You
You may have recently received a notification by mail regarding the upcoming retirement of certain Verizon services. The letter contains some detailed language to comply with Federal Communications Commission requirements. We want to follow up on that notification to explain what this product retirement means for your business, what you can expect as part of the process, and how we can help you pursue new opportunities as a result.


November 7, 2012
GSA Extends the WITS 3 Contract
GSA has exercised Option Year 2 of the WITS 3 Contract. The modification is effective November 8, 2012 and extends the contract performance through November 7, 2013.


September 25, 2012
GSA Implements Reduction in the Current Disconnect Fee
Effective October 1, 2012 the WITS Program will implement a reduction in the current disconnect fee. The new cost for disconnects will be $4.45.


July 18, 2012
WITS 3 Service@once Portal Access Manager Domain Change
Effective July 29, 2012, Verizon is consolidating its domain authentication software for all Verizon ports.


August 20, 2011
Verizon's Striking Union-Represented Employees to Return to Work
Verizon Communications today announced that its 45,000 wireline employees in nine Northeastern states and the District of Columbia who are represented by the CWA and IBEW will return to work beginning Monday night, Aug. 22, without new collective bargaining agreements.


August 8, 2011
Verizon: CWA and IBEW Break off Contract Negotiations, Call Strike
Verizon's contracts with two unions that represent approximately 45,000 employees in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states¹ expired on Saturday, August 6, 2011. At this time, the unions have called a strike. As a result, Verizon has activated its business continuity plan to continue to meet your needs as a valued customer.


June 13, 2011
GSA Reduces Service Order Fee
In January 2011, GSA implemented a $5.00 service order fee for ordering WITS 3 services online (CLIN OTH-X00-0019) with Level 3 and Verizon. After further review, GSA has decided to reduce the fee back to $0.00 effective June 13, 2011. If you have any questions about this change, please contact your GSA Account Manager.


December 21, 2010
WITS 3 Customer Service Center (CSC) Relocation
Effective immediately, the Verizon WITS 3 Customer Service Center (CSC) and training center have been relocated to: 13100 Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20904


December 13, 2010
Verizon Business to Help Secure U.S. Navy Facilities in Washington, D.C. Area
Company to Provide Physical Security Consulting Services Under WITS 3 


December 8, 2010
Service@once Training Temporarily Suspended
Verizon's training and operations facilities are being moved. Service@once training will be suspended while this move is taking place. We expect to have the new training facility up and running on February 1, 2011.


December 7, 2010
Service@once Maintenance
The Service@once application will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance from 5:00 PM ET December 17, 2010 until 7:00 AM ET December 20, 2010. Should you have any orders that must be processed during the scheduled downtime, please contact the Verizon WITS Customer Service Center at 1-800-381-3444.


February 26, 2010
WITS2001 Billing Discrepancies
The WITS2001 Contract ended on January 23, 2010, as such, Verizon and GSA have begun the contract close-out process and kindly request your assistance in reviewing your current and past invoices for billing discrepancies.


February 23, 2010
WITS 3 Pricing Search Feature Is Now Available
Use the new Pricing Tool to find the WITS 3 Products and Services you need. You can search for pricing by Services, Labor, Wiring or CPE. There is no login required to access the search feature.


January 18, 2010
Service@once Restoration
The WITS 3 transition is proceeding ahead of schedule. The WITS 3 Service@once system will be available to all authorized customers beginning Tuesday, January 19, 2010. Should you experience any problems gaining access, please contact the WITS 3 Customer Center 1-800-381-3444, option 6.


December 2, 2009
Service@once Outage Information
Customer order entry will be prohibited in the WITS2001 Service@once system beginning December 7, 2009 and in the WITS 3 Service@once system beginning 5:00 PM on December 10, 2009. The WITS 3 Service@once system will be available to all authorized customers beginning January 25, 2010.


October 26, 2009
WITS 3 Service@once Update
The WITS 3 Portal is the ‘gateway’ to the Service@once application, but it is independent, making it possible to time out on the Portal and remain active and working in Service@once. While working in Service@once, a user will see a time out message from the Portal after approximately one hour. The user can choose to remain active in the Portal, or simply let it time out.

Service@once will also have a time out period of one hour, although that is being extended temporarily due to orders being locked in the database. In general, it is always recommended that users close any order window prior to leaving their work area for any length of time. If you experience an error message saying that your order has been locked, please contact the WITS 3 Customer Center 1-800-381-3444, option 6 to have the order unlocked.


September 21, 2009
GSA and Verizon Reduce Analog Line Service Installation Charge
The U.S. General Services Administration's (GSA) National Capital Region WITS Program and Verizon are pleased to announce that effective immediately the price of installing a WITS 3 Centrex-like Analog Line has been reduced from an average of $121.00 to an average of $61.10. The WITS Program estimates that this reduction will save the federal government approximately $720,000 per year.


January 23, 2009
Service@once Outage Information
The Service@once system is available 7:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Friday. Verizon will use commercially reasonable efforts to provide system availability at all other times, except for scheduled outages and customer transitions.


April 7, 2008
WITS Outage Report
Service Outage on April 4, 2008 has been fully restored.


February 27, 2008
GSA's WITS 3 Forum - March 19, 2008
Designated Agency Representatives (DARs) and Telecommunication Managers are invited to attend the WITS 3 Customer Forum, hosted by GSA, Federal Acquisition Services (FAS), Networks Services Division.


November 8, 2007
Verizon Business Selected as a Prime Contractor for U.S. General Services Administration’s WITS 3 Contract
The U.S. General Services Administration today selected Verizon Business as a prime contractor for Washington D.C.-area federal government agencies seeking a broad array of telecommunications services under the Washington Interagency Telecommunications System (WITS 3) contract.