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DX Advisory Services enables all customers no matter where you are on the Digital Transformation Continuum.

Organizations are turning to Verizon and our DX Consultants to help plan and implement the right solutions around the globe. DX Advisory Services has the right elements to help provide a path to move your forward to your destination. 

What is DX Advisory Services?

DX is a suite of consulting services engagements focused on helping customers improve their constituents' experiences and transforming the customer's enterprise. The engagements utilize a business outcome approach, are individually packaged and delivered by experienced customers experience (CX) consultants based on wherever a customer may be on the Digital Maturity Continuum. DX Advisory Services delivers complete lifecycle services from initial discovery, strategy and assessments through solutions design, integration and implementation.

How does DX Advisory Services work?

A customer selects from a pre-packaged suite of services, the particular DX Advisory Services offering that meets his business objectives. A Verizon DX Advisory consultant will then meet with the customer team to conduct an initial Assessment Workshop. 

Based on the results of the Workshop the customer selects one area to focus on. We will provide a next steps document, which may include key discussion topics and feedback, prescriptive insights, strategy, roadmap, and recommended next steps.

Whether you’re looking to drive better customer engagement, make your operation more efficient or transform the business landscape, Verizon can help.

Features & benefits

  • Business model validation. Match the proposed changes to key success measures.
  • Technology validation. Determine if existing technology will support the new experiences or if additional technology is needed.
  • Customer sentiment evaluation. Measure how customers feel about interacting with your brand channels currently and with proposed changes.
  • Analytical Services. Analyze the market conditions, customer churn and propensity to buy, and notify your customers to try your new digital experience when changes are made.
  • Digital Maturity Assessment. Analyzing where the enterprise is along the Digital Transformation Continuum. 
  • DX Prototyping and Proof of Concept. Evaluate and assess a new technology that the enterprise is interested in implementing through use cases and proof of concept.


professional services consultants across the globe


years of contact center experience

Why Verizon for DX Advisory Services?

Digital transformation is a team sport and you need all the players on the field for the entire game. Finding a player who can partner with you in documenting your strategy is one thing. Finding one who can do that and continue partnering with you through the execution of that strategy is another. 

Verizon has the resources to collaborate with you in mapping out the enterprise digital transformation roadmap. We further bring in the knowledge and resources to put in place all the pieces of the digital transformation that provides a foundation that enables successful customer experience.

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