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contact center managed services contact center managed services

Keep costs predictable

We'll manage your call center infrastructure, apps and services for one low monthly fee.

Use the latest technologies

Verizon offers automatic technology upgrades and secure connectivity to our network backbone.

Stay on guard 24/7

We'll receive, identify and deal with incoming alerts and ongoing issues, and notify you only when needed.

Get Verizon reliability

With over 20 years of experience, we can keep your inbound call center working effectively.

Deliver a better experience for your customers. 

Best for:

 Expert contact center help to manage incidents 24/7

Keeping costs predictable, even when your customers' needs aren't, with a low monthly fee that covers infrastructure, application and service management.

Our Contact Center Managed Services team can help your customer service team work more efficiently and reliably.

Incident and problem management

Our experts can quickly and automatically identify faults and isolate the root cause of contact center outages.

Change management

You'll have access to a clear record of all changes requested, approved and implemented by Verizon.

Proactive performance management

We can help you identify and addresses performance issues before they become critical.

Configuration management

We'll help keep applications up and running for end users with provisioning, configuration management, patch management and standard change management tools.

Performance reporting

You'll get  access to near real-time information related to incident and change tickets, along with regularly scheduled customer account reviews.

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Save time. Control costs. Get a better network.

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Find what's right for you.

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